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What is the benefit of Alt Text in SEO? How do I write the best Alt Text for images

While working with WordPress, you all may have come across Image Alt Text. But We think most of you don’t know what it exactly means and its benefits. You may also be wondered why it is that much important to write the best Alt Text for images? So, to clear all your doubts and queries, We have provided the complete guide on the benefit of Alt Text in SEO and Do’s & Don’ts to write the best Alt Attribute for images here. Therefore, have a look over this article and know the importance of Alt Text in SEO.

What is Alt Text?

Alt Text or Alternative Text is also known as Alt Attribute or ALT description or Alt Tag. In short, Alt Text is an HTML attribute applied to image tags to give a text alternative for search engines. An alt tag is mainly used for describing the images on the website. If at all the image is not loaded, then the Alt Text will be displayed on the webpage. The crawlers of search engines have the ability to only read the contents of the webpage and know what the webpage is about. They are not capable to read the images. The only way that the Google crawlers can know about an image is Alt Text. Only the Alternative Text tells the crawlers about the images.Benefit of alt text

Benefit of Alt Text

The Alt Text gives the better image content and description to the Google Bots thereby helping them to index the images. The main purpose of Alt Tag is to tell the search engine crawlers about the image and to describe the images to the website visitors who are unable to see them. There is much benefit of Alt Text in SEO. By using Image Alt Text, your images can also be indexed by the crawlers. As a result of this, you can drive more traffic to your website and can get high ranking in the Google search engine results page (SERP). But to be clear, Alternative Text is not going to suddenly help your site climb to the top of search results instead it is one of the on-page factors that contribute to improved SEO performance.

The image title and Alt description, Alt text is something which is more descriptive of explaining what the image is. It will be always better to provide descriptive Alt Text for the images. Empty Alt Text and Keyword stuffing are not recommended. Images with Alt Text and Title will give the user better experience and also contribute to the Image SEO.

Google bots cannot interpret the images. Only through the Alt Text, the search engine crawlers can index the images and you can also drive visitors to your website through images. You have to consider certain factors while adding an Alt Text to the images. There are some do’s and don’ts that you have to follow, to write the best Alt Text for images.


  • Keep short and simple descriptive Alt Text. The Alt Text must be less than or equal to 125 characters.
  • Be precise in Alt Text for products.
  • Include the targeted or intended keywords that you have used in the webpage. It is also advisable to use at least one image with the keywords in the webpage to help you in On-Page SEO.
  • Avoid Keyword stuffing as it gives a negative impact on your web page.
  • Keep title, alt text, and description different to gain more traffic.
  • Choose correct image formats such as png or jpeg.


  • Avoid Keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t reduce photo quality.
  • Don’t write the Alt Text more than 125 characters.
  • Avoid using a filename like 473592-home-image.jpg for the images.
  • Avoid warning type text in the Alternate text.
  • Don’t use phrases like “image of..” or “graphic of..” to describe the image.

These are some do’s and don’ts that you must follow to write the best Alternative Text for images. The benefit of Alt Text in SEO is to improve the site’s traffic. If you have any queries regarding this article, please comment us below.

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