How does Google’s Search Engine Works? Google Search Algorithm

In recent days, the Google Search Engine became an integral part of our life. We cannot live a single day without the google search tool. Most of you, use the Google search engine to get each and every small information you want daily. But most of you don’t know how Google search engine works? We know that many of you are very eager to know the secret behind the working of the google search engine. So, today we are going to reveal this secret. In this article, we have provided complete details on how does google work so fast.

There are many search engines on the web. But among all of them, Google always be in the first position. Like other search engines, Google uses a special algorithm to generate search results. Google uses automated programs like Crawlers and spiders and it has a large index of keywords. The main feature of the Google is that it ranks the search results and also places them in an order on its search engine results page (SERP). There is a trademark algorithm for Google called PageRank. This PageRank assigns a relevancy score for each web page. Go through this complete article and know the detailed process on how Google search engine works.

How Google Search Engine Works

How Google Search Engine Works

The Google search engine works on three basic stages.

  • Crawling – where the content is discovered.
  • Indexing – where content is analyzed and stored in giant databases.
  • Retrieval – relevant pages displayed for a user query.


The process of fetching all the web pages linked to a website is called crawling. This process is done by the web crawlers. Crawlers or Spiders are nothing but software programs. The Google uses a most well-known crawler “Google Bots” for the crawling process.

This process begins with a list of web addresses from past crawls and sitemaps given by the site owners. The Google bots visit any website and crawl it deeply and collect all the unique links present in that website and inserts each and every link into a queue. After that, it traverses all the links one by one and provides website content as input to the indexer. All the data will be stored in the Google’s servers.

Google bots don’t visit any page in real. They just render the website into its machine just like a browser does. Google bot is capable of sending thousands of parallel requests to different web servers. Google Bot doesn’t crawl any link blindly. It does few checks like unique link check, spam link check etc. before visiting any link. It crawls any link only if that link passes all the checks.

If you want to prevent Google Bot from accessing your website content and links then you can add robots.txt in the root directory of your project.


This is a process of creating an index for all the fetched web pages and keeping them into a database from where it can later be retrieved. Whenever the Google indexer receives any input from google bot, it extracts all the keywords except stop words like ‘and’, ‘as’, ‘when’, etc. Before indexing, the Google Bot considers thousands of factors such as Number of backlinks, the frequency of keywords, the position of keywords, etc. The website which is having more backlinks will get high page rank and also it will be shown on the first page of the Google SERP. The Google search engine gives more weightage to those keywords whose occurrence is more than other keywords.

Indexing a keyword present in any website is a very complex process. Before indexing any keyword, google indexer converts keywords into lowercase and then encode them to save space. In order to increase the reliability of a search, Google has created Knowledge Graph. With this Knowledge Graph, Google looks into other sorts of information about a webpage along with keyword information.


Whenever you type in a search query, the Google take those keywords present in your query and matched with its indexed database. Then it collects all the web page matching with those keywords. After that google applies sorting on all web pages by considering thousands of factor. Page Rank is one of those factors. It also takes all ads relevant to your query. Finally, it displays results for your query on the Google SERP.

Therefore, this is how Google Search Engine Works. If you have any queries regarding this post “How Search Engine Works”, please comment us below.

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