Importance and Benefits of NISM Certifications

National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is a Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) promoted educational, training and research institute focused on capacity building in securities markets. Educational and training programs of NISM certification are helpful for those Who desire to have a career in the Securities Markets (MNC’s related to Securities Markets). These examinations have been developed by NISM as mandated under SEBI (Certification of Associated Persons in the Securities Markets) Regulation, 2007.

NISM Certifications would provide a stepping stone to begin your career in Securities Market. Also, NISM Certification can certainly add value to your profile and create attention towards you by the employer. The NISM Certifications are entry-level certifications for people working in the Securities Markets. NISM Certification tests the minimum knowledge required for anyone to perform the specific job role.NISM CertificationFor example, to work in derivatives related to market, you should necessarily understand the basic derivative products like futures and options, various option trading strategies, accounting and regulatory aspects pertaining to derivatives, different trading systems available, before playing around with the clients’ money.

Will NISM Certification help to get you a job?

Definitely Yes!!! For anybody who wants to make an entry into the securities markets, NISM Certification plays a crucial role. There are entry-level jobs such as trader, dealers, mutual fund distributors, etc in the financial markets. Therefore, NISM Certifications will create more weightage for those who want to create their career in security markets. Like investment banking, share trading, brokerage, Mutual Funds. I have also seen and met people who have got the job in various banks after completing NISM Mutual Fund and NISM Equity Derivatives Exams. Therefore, obtain NISM Certifications in order to crack the NISM Certification jobs. Our Nipuna Technologies will help you in the NISM Examinations preparation so that you can obtain NISM certification easily.

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