Python is a simple , easy and efficient  programming language ,used in web development, internet development, scientific and numeric computing, application domains, software development ,To build ERP and E –commerce system ,To build E – Commerce and enterprise management applications, Used in AI, Used in Machine learning, game development.

Python training in Nipuna technologies focuses mainly on practical python course which helps to work on real time projects in job or your own projects .

The course structure is designed in  way  that its easy to learn for beginners, professionals and Non-techie aspirants who wish to excel their career with Python skill.

In Nipuna after every theory class we conduct code test to make it practical. REAL TIME MINI PROJECTS will be given to make it more interesting and to learn more.

After the course completion ,you will be 100% satisfied and you get sound knowledge in Python course  to achieve your career goal.


Python Cousre

Part I. Getting Started

  • 1. A Python Q&A Session
  • 2. How Python Runs Programs
  • 3. How You Run Programs
  • i. Lists
  • ii. Dictionaries
  • iii. Tuples
  • iv. Conditional statements
  • i. For Loops
  • ii. While Loops
  • iii. Try and except




File Manipulation:

  • i. OS functions + file I/P and O/P
  • ii. Copying, Moving and Renaming Files
  • iii. Deleting files and folders.


  • The type function
  • Strings
  • Lists and tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • The range function
  • Boolean values


  • i. Regex Objects & Grouping
  • ii. Optional Matching and Findall()
  • iii. Character classes
  • iv. Case sensitive matching & substitutions
  • i. Raising exceptions
  • ii. Making Assertions
  • iii. Logging to the console
  • i. Web scraping using Beautiful Soup
  • ii. Automating basic system admin tasks.


  • With return type without arguments
  • Without return type with arguments
  • With return type with arguments
  • Without return type without arguments


  • Simple if
  • Else-if
  • Ladder if
  • Nested if


  • for loop
  • while loop

String Formatting

  • Modules
  • Importing module
  • Math module
  • Random module
  • Packages


Complete Web scraping with beautiful Soup

  • i. Requests Module
  • ii. Introducing Beautiful soup
  • iii. Attributes and Navigation
  • iv. Accessing attributes and content
  • v. Sibling, Elements and Children


  • Exception
  • Except clause
  • Exception Handling.
  • Try finally clause
  • User Defined Exceptions


  • i. Introduction to selenium
  • ii. Finding elements and getting attributes
  • iii. Clicking and Browser buttons
  • iv. Entering in text


  • i. Installing and Using OpenPyXL
  • ii. Reading sheets and cells
  • iv. Merging cells and freezing panes


  • i. Reading word documents
  • ii. The run Object
  • iii. Writing Documents and Styling
  • iv. Headings and Pictures


  • i. Reading JSON with loads()
  • ii. Writing JSON with dumps()


  • i. The Time Module
  • ii. Using the DateTime Fuction
  • iii. Python Threading
  • iv. Scheduling Tasks


  • i. Sending emails with SMTP
  • ii. Retrieving emails with IMAPP


  • Single level inheritance
  • Multi-level inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance


  • Any graduates looking for the job
  • Beginners who want to learn Python
  • Advanced python users
  • Software developers
  • Software testing professionals
  • System and Network Administrators
  • Web Developers
  • Testers who want to shift into Python based automation
  • Mobile Testers
  • Automation Engineers




Mock interview  will  be taken by experts based on your course to help in real in real interview


Valid certification on course completion

Technical  assistance after the course completion for an year

Discount on groups and offers on early registration  available

Python has great scope in IT job market and its ever green Because Python programming is easy than other programming languages but you can build High –end applications ,software,Games ,Internet and its highly useful in  technologies like Automation,AI ans Machine learnig.The starting salary package is also great for python skilled people.

Course Details

Course Duration

45 Days

Batches Timings

8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Each Session 1 Hour
New Batches Starts on 10th & 17th September 2018


Valid certification on successful completion of course from Institute.

Hai my self gopi I joined nipuna technologies to learn tally erp9, it's great experience to spend 2 months to learn complete tally with gst .Support from faculty is awesome . Thank you Raja Sir and Madam. Sir I got job because both of your encouragement. Thank you very much.

Gopi Boddapati

It is best place learn software knowledge. I really satisfied & teacher provide simple real life example to understand any topic.

Rakesh Ranjan

I am joining this institute for a c language best faculty in guntur and easily learned and understood


I joined in nipuna technologies and I got coaching in tally best faculty Raja Sir. Thanks to institute for quick learning.


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