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Spoken English Classes in Guntur

The diligently designed curriculum for the Spoken English Classes in Guntur at Nipuna Technologies. In our modern world, it is evident that the English language plays a crucial role in bringing together people from different parts of the globe. Understanding the grammar of the English language can help people communicate with the world, enabling them to interact and communicate effectively. The expert trainer of Nipuna Technologies has meticulously designed and structured the intermediate-advanced level with the aim of offering the scope of improvement of the English Language in all possible areas like vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, etc.

The core of the program is to enhance the possibility of communication abilities in the English language through the acquisition of more advanced words, precise pronunciation, and the essential functions of English grammar. The experts from Nipuna Technologies will put their main focus on understanding, reading, and improving the quality of words through diverse activities such as group discussions presentation, dialogue development as well as informal and formal interactions.

Why Choose Nipuna Technologies for the Spoken English Course in Guntur?

Nipuna Technologies offers Spoken English Course in Guntur and it will encompass the essential grammatical concepts of the subject-verb agreement, tenses narratives, and modules as well as prepositions and passive and active voice articles, as well as other crucial areas. The trainers will teach every aspect for building and strengthening the skills of speaking that focus on the goal to maximize the duration of time spent speaking and the development of confidence levels of our students. The training and lab sessions that capture the attention of the students are essential to improve their fluency in English speaking as well as their expressiveness.

Nipuna Technologies top-quality experts Nipuna Technologies will make utmost utilization of news stories and the most popular global topics as an amazing source for studying the English language. Furthermore, the consistent utilization of current news and events during classes of the experts will promote English speaking by engaging the students in lively discussions in groups and in classroom interaction.

Key features of English Speaking Course:

  • Interpersonal capabilities.
  • Life Skills.
  • Etiquette.
  • Skills for employability.
  • Career Skills.
  • Management Skills.

Significance of Practical Spoken English Course in Guntur

In our current digital world, the English speaking Course in Guntur the English language is essential everywhere in the world. Good command of the language will unlock numerous job opportunities across the globe. If youre proficient in English it is possible that youll be able to connect with everyone all over the world. To improve your speaking skills, interview techniques, Group Discussions, and personal development speaking in English are essential.

​Through consistent and diligent learning English students will achieve proficiency, fluency in speaking, and vocabulary improvement in the English language. This comprehensive course will increase the capacity and the ability of the students.

Anyone looking to learn English and speak English fluently can join Nipuna Technologies. We provide the information that students are looking to master. At our English-speaking English Institute, we teach the important aspects of job seeking including Vocabulary, Grammar Language Development, Language Development, Communication Skills Interview Skills, Writing Skills, and Presentation Skills. After completion of the course training in Nipuna Technologies, Students can be able to speak English correctly, confidently, and fluently.

Job Opportunities After Completing Spoken English Training in Guntur.

English being a universal language opens a number of possibilities for employment opportunities for those who have a certificate in the language. The usage of the English language is widespread and is in high demand in areas such as television journalism, corporate communications, and management as well as education. Following the industrialization phase and the expansion of English has expanded exponentially, and many people are choosing the subject as a profession. When you have completed speaking English courses at Nipuna Technologies in Guntur will open the doors to print media, where candidates can apply for posts such as editor, sub-editor or assistant editor, associate editor, and consultant editors at Top companies. Furthermore, some of the most challenging workers in this area are interpreters and translators. Numerous embassies, businesses as well as universities are constantly in need of these posts. If you randomly search for careers in any Job Portal, your search list will end with around many options available only in India. In foreign countries, also there are huge openings for certified professionals. Thus, the popularity of these professionals has increased the average salary that these companies offer.

Job Roles for English Speaking professionals:

  • Anchoring
  • Newspaper editors
  • Managers
  • Scriptwriters
  • Copywriter
  • Technical Content Writer,
  • Writer of films, TV, radio, video, author, public relations
  • Teachers
  • Lecturers

Job Areas for English Speaking professionals:

  • Corporate Companies
  • Administrations,
  •  Event management,
  • Designing Finance,
  • Research,
  • Educational Institutions

Salary for English Speaking professionals:

After obtaining a certification the remuneration of a fresher will vary according to the job position and the predefined standard of the company. A fresher holding experience of one to two years can expect to get a remittance of Rs. 4,50,000 per annum to Rs. 5,50,000 per annum. On the other hand, a professional holding an experience of three to five years can expect to get a remittance of Rs. 6,50,000 per annum to Rs. 8,50,000 per annum. With the procurement of extensive experience and proficiency in skills, the remuneration can definitely extend up to Rs. 9,50,000 per annum.

How does Nipuna Technologies Provide the Best Placement Assistance?

Nipuna Technologies is one of the best Spoken English coaching centers in Guntur with 100% placement. We assist our students in getting jobs after the completion of their course. They also provide recruitment support for organizations that guarantee 100% placement after the completion of their courses. Students from Nipuna Technologies are selected according to the requirements of the company. To prepare students for work, Nipuna Technologies conducts workshops e.g. how to hold Group Discussions, and how to behave during a personal Interview. Sometimes there are job fairs and campus recruitments are organized. Skills for the workplace such as managing time, technological knowledge, and advanced technological learning and communication skills are also taught. Nipuna Technologies helps and succeeded in helping Indian as well as foreign students with opportunities to get jobs both internationally and nationally. Students of Nipuna Technologies are given the opportunity to show themselves through assignments.

Nipuna Technologies trains students to become Industry skilled which is evident in our work placements. Students looking to get an exciting and lucrative career may enroll in the Nipuna Technologies course of internship or short courses to experience an unforgettable learning

Our Training Methodology

Nipuna Technologies is particularly focused on trending technologies as well as real-time needs. At Nipuna Technologies, we offer our students the best Spoken English Online Training in Guntur, to learn all the essential skills and we will also help you to strengthen their basics before moving to the advanced concepts.

Our students can also participate in MOCK interviews so it will be helpful for them during the job interview. After completing the online English training Course in Guntur our placement team will also guide them in pursuing the highest-paying job. We also provide a Spoken online English certificate after completing online English training in Guntur.

  • Our Our Training program is Classroom and Online Spoken English courses in Guntur with Real case-studies

  • Job Assistance: 100% Job Assurance Placement Support. We offer our students to Get JOB by sending for interviews with MNCs, Mid & Small Size Companies. we bring value to their skills by conducting self-development workshops.

  • Resume Preparation Support

  • Interview Question and Answers

  • We Conduct 2 Mock Exams

  • Mock interview sessions to boost their confidence

  • Group discussions

  • Dedicated HR Team for Placements

  • We tie-up with corporate companies

  • Get Training from Expert level Trainers

  • LIVE Projects

  • Certification training

  • Reasonable Fee Structure

  • Flexible Timings

  • 100% Placement Support

Why choose Nipuna Technologies as a leading Spoken English Courses Training in Guntur?

  • Nipuna has the best experienced and multi-skilled Trainers.
  • We provide a 100% job guarantee for this course.
  • More than 2000+ students have already completed this course and some of them secured a job.
  • We have an excellent lab facility, online classes & all our classrooms are Air-Conditioned to make students comfortable while learning.
  • For each student, a desktop is allocated to practice throughout the course.
  • Nipuna Technologies has tied up with many companies & consultancies to provide placement assistance for our studEffective Training Methods

Effective Training Methods

  • Learn Grammar sessions
  • Learn Personality Development sessions
  • Learn Email & Resume Writing Skills
  • Learn Personalized Training For Fluency
  • Learn Interview Cracking Skills
  • British Council Certified Trainer
  • Arranged Workshops
  • Participate in Seminars

Spoken English Certification Course in Guntur

Through the Spoken English certification Course in Guntur students are able to enhance their knowledge, demonstrate the entire procedure, and show their English speaking proficiency.

When a student is successful in completing Spoken English training in Guntur The student will be presented with a certificate by Nipuna Technologies. This certificate gives the student a professional acknowledgment of their knowledge and expertise. The inclusion of this certificate on your resume will boost your professional standing and will increase your career options.

Popular Spoken English Certifications

Spoken English Certification by British Council.

Spoken English Course Objectives (Learning Outcomes):

  • Youll learn English to create a natural and accurate form of English pronunciation.
  • Youll be able to improve your ability to write, read and speak in the English language at a higher level.
  • Youll be proficient in exchanging thoughts and opinions, expressing emotions, and improve your communication information effectively.
  • You will be able to acquire the necessary language skills to ensure the future suc cess of your career.
  • You must use the correct English gramm ar both in writing and in speaking and improve your English speaking skills.
  • Youll learn English to develop public speaking skills by providing many oppo rtunities for group discussions and pr esentations, as well as interviews, etc.
  • Introduction, Parts of Speech
  • Noun- Types
  • Pronouns- Types, Activity
  • Adjectives and Verbs
  • Simple Present Tense, Activity
  • Simple Past Tense Sharing of past experiences
  • Simple Future Tense, Activity
  • Present Continuous Tense, Past Continuous Tense
  • Future Continuous Tense, Activity
  • Adverbs- Types
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions, interjections
  • Activity, Conditional sentences
  • Present Tense
  • Past Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  • Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  • Articles
  • Modal Auxiliary Verbs
  • Active and Passive Voice and exercises
  • Group Discussion
  • Debate
  • Role-plays
  • Presentation
  • Extempore
  • Body language (Gestures, eye contact, posture (Facial Expressions, Eye Contact, etc.))
  • Proverbs, Idioms, and Phrases
  • SWOT Analysis
  • General Etiquettes
  • Time Management
  • Interview Skills (Before, During, After Interview)
  • Email Writing
  • Writing resumes
  • Telephone etiquettes, Roleplays
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Presentations
  • Mock Interviews
  • Share the Interview Questions
  • Resume Preparation
  • How to Crack Interview
  • HR Activities & Mock interviews.

Our English Speaking Course Trainer Profile

At Nipuna Technologies English language trainers are highly educated and have an excellent experience through decades of experience in teaching students to improve their fluent English ability and paying attention to students requirements and what industry standards demand. Our trainers have succeeded in their training and satisfying each student up to the corporate level. They have a decade of experience teaching corporate and advanced English and speaking English, English grammar, English fluency communications abilities, soft skills, interviews, and the development of personality and grooming of each student learning english who becomes part of Nipuna Technologies. We prepare students ready for an interview that MNCs are currently conducting.

  • Nipuna Technologies experts trainers who have a decade of experience in teaching the English language.
  • The top-quality experts at Nipuna Technologies have hands-on experience in teaching more than 1000+ students across different age groups.
  • Our instructors hold international certificates in the areas of Cambridge English, business English, TOEFL, and PTE.
  • The skilled experts at Nipuna Technologies aim to impart theoretical knowledge and practical instruction in English course.
  • The experts will run individual sessions to provide placement training for future interviews and exam preparation.

Our Students Feedback on Spoken English Course in Guntur

  • Freshers
  • Students
  • Bachelors & Graduates
  • Any professional or business person
  • Abroad studying students and professionals
  • Candidates are willing to learn something new.

English is a well-known language and being proficient in communicating offers many advantages. Here are some arguments to convince you the consider before taking the course

  • Customized course module that meets your needs
  • Flexible classes Classroom Training, and weekend classes
  • Polish your grammar and vocabulary skills
  • Professional guidance from knowledgeable faculty helps you build confidence and speak fluently
  • Assistance with job placements in reputed companies
  • Develops strong interpersonal abilities

English Speaking Course is quite easy to use when it comes to designing software for computers. If you put in the effort in English Speaking practice, then a maximum of three months will be enough to understand the entire course. You will be perfect in English Speaking only by practicing.

The certification for this English Speaking course by British Council certification. While pursuing a course in English having these certifications can help you stand out from the applicant pool when applying for jobs.

At the end of the course, we provide a certificate. Being certified by Nipuna Technologies, the students and working candidates will be directly eligible to grab lucrative job opportunities in the industrial design sector. With expert guidance from our training team, the students will gain practical knowledge to reach new heights.

English is among the top widely spoken languages around the globe. If we consider the language used in India for all Government activities, including all departments as well as mass media and schools, and also industrial and commercial enterprises. The best English spoken language instruction in Guntur. We live in the age of Globalization. The world is becoming more interconnected and greater integration between all countries of the World due to globalization. When we speak of inter-cultural interaction, only one language is the rule of the entire world i.e. English.

We provide A/C Class Rooms, High Configured Lab with well Experienced Trainers. Our trainers will assist you in Practice sessions at our highly equipped labs.

Undoubtedly. Nipuna Technologies is the best institute for English Speaking Course courses. We also offer job-oriented and placement Focused classrooms and English Online classes in Guntur giving more prominence given to real-time exposure by the expert trainers. We provide A/C Class Rooms, High Configured Labs, and well Experienced Trainers. This Training program at Nipuna technologies is specially designed for both Graduates and working professionals.

Approximately 60 Hrs. we schedule a flexible timetable for our students, you can choose any batch.

Yes, you can learn English Online Instructor-led also. As we provide all the courses both Classroom & online sessions.

After completion of this training, we assist you with resume preparation, interview preparation, and placement opportunities.

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