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CAD Courses in Guntur, Online CAD Course, CAD Training in Guntur.

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CAD Courses in Guntur

Nipuna Technologies offers CAD courses in Guntur. These popular courses are designed to meet all levels of student and working professionals requirements. Computer-aided Design (CAD) refers to the use of computer-based software to assist in designing processes. This software is widely used by different types of engineers and designers in Industries and manufacturing companies. You can use CAD software to create either 2D drawings or 3D models.

The goal of CAD software is to streamline and optimize the designers workflow, increase productivity and improve the quality of the design. It also helps with documentation communications. The electronic files that CAD software produces are used for manufacturing processes.

Many times, CAD can be used in conjunction with digital manufacturing processes. CAD computer-aided design / computer-aided manufacturing CAM is software used to design products such as electronic circuit boards in computers and other devices.

About CAD Training

CAD is known as Computer-Aided Design and it is a combination of science and art with business practice in architecture and engineering used to design projects. Computer-aided Design (CAD) refers to the use of many computer-based tools that aid architects, engineers, and other professionals in their design activities.

It is Popular courses offer primary tools for authoring geometry within the Product Lifecycle Management process. This includes both software and special-purpose hardware. The current packages include both 2D vector-based drafting and 3D solid and surface modelers.

The Main Features of CAD Course

The CAD software is used to develop, optimize, and design products. These products can be final goods or intermediate goods that are used in other products.

The vast majority of CAD applications are used for the design of machinery and tools used in the manufacturing of components. They also play an important role in the drafting and design of all types of buildings, including small residential structures (houses) and large commercial and industrial structures (hospitals, factories), and many more

The majority of AutoCAD is used to detail engineer 3D models and/or 2D drawings of physical components. However, it can also be used throughout the engineering process, from conceptual design and product layout, strength and dynamic analysis of assembly, to the definition of manufacturing methods for components.

For Computer-Aided Technologies, AutoCAD has made a very important technology. It offers many benefits, including lower product development costs and a shorter design cycle.

Designers can use CAD to design and create work on the screen, save it for future editing with this saving time on the product drawings and print it out.

Key Topics covered in CAD Training.

Civil Courses:

AutoCAD civil: AutoCAD is the most popular course for Autodesk software for designing and drafting to create precise 2D drawings and 3D models. students will learn the skills of building planning and designs, 3D modeling, and drawing software. 

Civil 3d: AutoCAD Civil 3D software is used in civil engineering which enables building information modeling (BIM) workflows. students will learn the skills about designing to make you understand the surfaces, lay out parcels, and design geometry by including the making of horizontal alignments and vertical profiles, and many more.

ETABS: ETABS is referred to as Extended 3D Analysis of Building Systems. ETABS is the most popular Engineering software application that is widely used for multi-storied building structural analysis as well as structural design.  that students can get a complete knowledge of analysis of building structures.

Sketch up: Sketch Up is the most popular tool to create 3D models in architecture, interior design, woodworking, or engineering. students will learn the skills of creating and editing 2D and 3D models with a patented “Push/Pull technology. 

Mx road: With Mx road, designers create rapid & accurate designs of all types of road works. It is widely used by civil engineers, designers, geotechnical engineers, professional surveyors, and stormwater/drainage/sewer systems. students will learn the skills of 3D modeling, construction-driven engineering works, and all types of analysis using a single application. system.

Staad pro: Structural Analysis and Design Software simplify the BIM workflow by automatically converting a physical model into an analytical model. students will learn about how to analyze civil engineering structures such as steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and cold-formed steel designs. 

3ds max: Autodesk 3DS Max is the most popular course and it is the most efficient software for modeling and rendering tools. Autodesk 3DS Max is widely used in architecture, manufacturing, industrial design, and many more like visual graphics models. The student will learn about this software, from modeling and texturing to lighting and rendering. 

Revit Architecture: Autodesk Revit is an industry-standard tool designed for building information modeling or BIM. The student will be able to learn floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D designing. 

Mechanical Courses:

AutoCAD (Mechanical): AutoCAD is the most popular course it is software for designing and drafting and it is widely used to create precise 2D drawings and 3D models. The student will learn about mechanical designs and the manufacturing of machinery parts. 

Unigraphics: Unigraphics is the most popular application software in which 3D modeling can be done. It offers CAD/CAM/CAE in its package. The student will learn about designing, analyzing, and manufacturing purposes.

Solid works: SOLIDWORKS is one of the most significant and powerful 3D CAD programs. The student will learn 2D and 3D parametric modelers, and drafting systems. 

3D printing: 3D Printing is a technique of transforming CAD files into 3D objects with the help of a 3D printer. The student will learn additive manufacturing, working with 3d printing, how to print 3D on a physical 3D printer, and much more.

ANSYS: ANSYS Workbench is a widely used and most popular engineering analysis tool used for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), students will learn FE analysis for all types of machine tools and structures. 

CNC: CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Programming is widely used for creating computer program instructions to control machine tools. The student will be able to learn CNC programming, G-code and M-code, offset settings, and many more.

CREO: CREO is a powerful software that handles every aspect of product design including product development, designing, and analysis. The student will learn parametric solid modeling, 3D direct modeling, and 2D orthographic views.

CATIA: CATIA refers to Computer-Aided 3D Interactive Application is one of the most prominent students will be able to learn to design, analyze, and engineer insights.

Benefits of CAD Training:

  • CAD design tools offer engineers and designers significant advantages over traditional manual drafting and sketching.
  • Lower production costs for designs.
  • Efficient workflow and the design process will speed up project completion.
  • You can make changes without having to redraw the entire sketch.
  • High-quality designs that include documentation (such as angles and measurements) in the file.
  • Clearer designs are easier to read and more legible. Handmade drawings can be difficult to interpret.
  • Digital files make collaboration with colleagues easier.
  • Software features may support the generative design and solid modeling.

The Software/tools for CAD:

Numerous AutoCAD tools are available to help engineers and designers. Some CAD tools can be tailored for specific industries or use cases, such as architecture and industrial design. You can also use other AutoCAD software tools to support a wide range of industries and project types.

These CAD software tools are some of the most popular:

  • Bentley Systems offers MicroStation.
  • AutoCAD from Autodesk.
  • CorelCAD
  • IronCAD
  • CADTalk
  • SolidWorks
  • Onshape
  • Catia
  • LibreCAD
  • OpenSCAD
  • Vectorworks
  • Solid Edge
  • Altium Designer

Why Choose Nipuna Technologies for CAD Training in Guntur?

Nipuna Technologies is Ranked as the Best CAD training Institute in Guntur. We Provide 100% Placement Assistance for all our students. Become an Architect or designer expert in 3 months, enrol now for the most advanced AutoCAD course Program. With our training, our students are Job ready in 90 days. We Offer AutoCAD Training with 9+ Years of Certified Trainers. 

  • Nipuna has the best experienced and multi-skilled Trainers.
  • We provide a 100% job guarantee for this course.
  • More than 1000+ students have already completed this course and some of them secured a job.
  • We have an excellent lab facility, online classes, & self-paced & all our classrooms are Air-Conditioned to make students comfortable while learning.
  • For each student, a desktop is allocated to practice throughout the course.
  • Nipuna Technologies has tied up with many companies & consultancies to provide placement assistance for our students.
  • Our CAD Training program is Classroom and Online Courses in Guntur with Real case-studies.

 Learn the AutoCAD course in Guntur at your comfort and flexible timings and Get an immediate job placement. We provide 100% job assistance after successful training at our institute and internship. 2500+ students Rated Nipuna technologies as the Top rated Training Institute in Guntur.

We also offer students the best AutoCAD training classes in Guntur with real-time applications taught by expert trainers in Guntur. The CAD program in Guntur at Nipuna technologies is specially designed for both Graduates and working professionals.

Job Opportunities After Completing a CAD Course in Guntur

Our CAD training has the most popular courses that can prepare our students for rewarding careers in many fields. Computer-aided design is used in many professions. Many engineering, architecture, and art projects use CAD or computer-aided manufacturing CAM software. There are specific CAD uses that you can be made for each industry and job function. CAD tools are used by many professions, including all the software.

Job Roles for a CAD Professionals:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Planners for cities
  • Graphic designers
  • Animation illustrators
  • Drafters
  • Fashion designers
  • Interior designers

Job Areas for CAD professionals:

  • Automobiles
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Product development
  • Plastics
  • Roads development
  • Construction

Salary for CAD professionals:

The salary for Autodesk professionals varies from industry to industry, if you are a fresher who wants to work in this field then you may get started with a salary of 2 to 6 lac per annum. Once you get an experience you can easily make10 to 20 lac per annum. There are many CAD professionals looking to work as freelancers and as you get started to earn a seven-figure income.

There are many job openings there Abroad, as a CAD professional, you can earn $ 2,00,987 per year.

Our Training Methodology

Nipuna Technologies is particularly focused on trending CAD strategies as well as real-time needs. The popularity of the AutoCAD industry has significantly increased. Learn this course, AutoCAD Software or tools such as designing 2D and 3 D modeling, Life Drawing, Layering, Rendering, Animation, and many more. The AutoCAD industry will grow over time, Its not going to end now.

  • Our CAD Training program is Classroom and Online Course in Guntur with Real case-studies

  • Job Assistance: 100% Job Assurance Placement Support. We offer our students need to get started with a job by sending for interviews with MNCs, Mid & Small Size Companies.

  • We bring value to their skills by conducting self-development workshops.

  • Resume Preparation Support

  • We Interview Question and Answers

  • We Conduct 2 Mock Exams

  • Mock interview sessions to boost their confidence

  • Group discussions

  • Dedicated HR Team for Placements.

  • We tie up with corporate companies

Get Training from Expert level Trainers

At Nipuna Technologies, you will learn more about CAD online course in Guntur from industry expert trainers who have expert-level strong knowledge of theoretical & practical skills in complete designing,drafting 2D and 3D modeling technologies taught by certified professionals.

LIVE Projects

To learn more about CAD Concepts with real-time projects join Nipuna Technologies. Our trainer helps the students on live projects during the training and provides students valuable experience in designing, and drafting by using all the tools and technologies during the CAD classes. Display your project experience & increase your chances of employment and increase all over the impression during technical Interviews.

Certification training

Nipuna Technologies gets you certified with a CAD Certificate course in Guntur. Our CAD coaching center is one of the best CAD certification training in Guntur. Obtaining these certificates, increase the value of your resume & you will rise up for job hunting.

Reasonable Fee Structure

The CAD course fee at Nipuna Technologies is budget-friendly.


Nipuna Technologies provides classroom & Online classes in Guntur. We also offer absolute flexibility through online training courses. Select your course timings in the mornings or evenings that best fit you.

Placement Support

Upon completion of training with Nipuna Technologies, we enable your skills by conducting self-development workshops that involve a Mock interview session, group discussions, and presenting skills to exhibit themselves confidently during facing company technical interviews.

CAD Certification course in Guntur

The CAD Certification course in Guntur is one of the popular courses for professional credentials which proves that the students have gained complete knowledge of the CAD platform and its application. Our certification states that our students have gained the in-depth skills to work as animators under the guidance of our Real-time certified trainers who have 9+ years of experience in the software of CAD and CAM fields. They upscale your learning and skills to help uwith the recent developments in the market.

With real-time project experience, a Certificate will be provided at the end of this course. Having this certificate along with the resume helps in prioritizing your profile at the time of the interview, and also it opens the door for a wide range of job opportunities in the Multimedia industry.

Popular certifications for CAD Professionals:

Certification for Civil courses
  • Autocad Certification from  Autodesk 

  • 3ds max Certification by Autodesk

  • Civil 3D Certification by Autodesk

  • Etabs Certification by CSi Certification (Computer and Structures, Inc.)

  • Sketchup Certification by Trimble, Inc

  • Mx road Certification by  Bentley

  • Stadd pro Certification by  Bentley

  • Revit architcture Certification by AutoDesk

Certification for Mechanical courses.
  • Autocad Certification by Autodesk

  • Uni graphics Certification by NX CAD Design Certification

  • Solid works Certifications by

    • Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA).
    • Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional.
    • Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE)
  • 3d printing Certification by CAD DESK

  • ANSYS Certification by CCNA, Multisoft, Competency Certification Centre

  • CNC Certification by Blong Technology Centre (BTC)

  • CREO Certification by PTC University, Creo Parametric Certification

  • Catia Certification by Dassault Systemes Certification Centre

Our CAD course Trainer Profile

Our Trainers provide in-depth knowledge to the students to understand the subject and learn real-time applications. Our trainers help the students in completing their projects during the training and even help them prepare for interviews. Students are free to ask questions and clarify their doubts at any time during the course.

  • More than 9+ years of experience.
  • Our Trainer trained more than 1000+ students in a year.
  • 5 star rated certified professional trainer of Nipuna Technologies.
  • Our Trainers train the students with Industry-relevant skills
  • Our Trainers are Expertise in the CAD field.
  • Our Trainers are Real-time professionals, and they provide hands-on training on the latest CAD software/ tools.
  • Our Trainers Upscales the skills of the students by providing them an in-depth knowledge of the recent industry-relevant practices.
  • Our Trainers Give the required individual attention to each student and provide in-depth training with complete hands-on real-time exposure.
  • Our Trainers assist the students in building their resume professionally and also provides valuable experience to them in Interview questions and Handling interviews by conducting mock interview sessions to boost their confidence.
  • Good communication with Hiring HRs in multinational companies.

Our Students Feedback on CAD COURSES Course in Guntur

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