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CCNA Course in Guntur

Nipuna Technologies offers a Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA Course in Guntur. This course is designed to train our students in basic to advanced concepts of CCNA. Networking is an essential part of numerous IT work roles. Having the relevant knowledge and being able to pass CCNA examinations in this area will significantly increase your job prospects. CCNA is among the top technologies on the market, and a lot of small - to mid-sized companies use automated tasks in their everyday tasks.

CCNA can be an abbreviated version of Cisco Certified Network Associate. This certification is appropriate for those with a background in networking. This certification proves that the person who holds the certificate has acquired the capability to comprehend, operate configuration, troubleshoot, and manage the medium-level switch and routed networks. Begin learning with Nipuna Technologies Online and Classroom CCNA Training Course.

 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certifications are an entrance to associate-level networking jobs as well as IT-related careers. The training and curriculum for certification can help you establish a solid network-related knowledge base, confirming your capacity to understand how to operate, manage, configure troubleshoot moderate-level switched and routed networks

What is the CCNA?

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is the best certification for network engineers in the electronic world, provided under the name of the company Cisco Systems. It is valid for all kinds of engineers including entry-level network engineers and network directors, as well as network support engineers, as well as network specialists. It aids in becoming familiar with the wide range of concepts in networking, such as OSI models and information science addressing the security of networks, and more. CCNA is the abbreviation for "Cisco Certified Network Associate".

Skills Required for CCNA:

  • Configuration and installation of hardware and computer code
  • User accounts were created
  • Initiative to coach
  • Initiative to direct

Benefits of CCNA :

Cisco certification acknowledges the work of applicants, A confirmation of your expertise in the field can boost your credibility. Particularly the CCNA abilities that are not inherited for SOHO or medium networks show an important qualification for companies with networks that have less than one hundred nodes.

  • Configuration and installation of Cisco routers and switches in multi-protocol settings, victimization of computer networks, and the WAN interfaces.
  • Troubleshooting Operations at Level 1.
  • Enhance security and performance of the network.

Why learn CCNA Training?

The accreditation process for Cisco is a procedure that offers advantages for IT companies and employees.

Theres nothing else however certifications are equally important to keep applicants up-to-date on the most current technological developments in the area of IT.

Many of the candidates saw positive results in their careers following instructions from the CCNA. This course increases your visibility as the primary benefit of CCNA Certification.

If youre awarded a CCNA accreditation, you will receive this outstanding certification and recognition which you can incorporate into your resume within the realm of that of the Cisco network.

93 % of companies think that Cisco certified staff is more educated than non-Cisco certified candidates from around the world. The process of accreditation pushes employees to grab real advantages and valuable skills.

 Why Choose Nipuna Technologies for CCNA Training in Guntur?

Nipuna Technologies is Ranked as one of the Best CCNA Courses Training Institutes in Guntur. We Provide 100% Placement Assistance for all our students at Top MNCs & Startups. Become a rendering Designer expert in 2 months, enroll now for the most CCNA advanced Program. With our training, our students are Job ready in 60 days. We offer Classroom Training, Online Training programs, Weekend Training, and Corporate Training with 8+ Years of Expert Trainers. Learn this course from your comfort and flexible timings and Get an immediate job placement. We provide 100% job assistance after successful training at our institute and internship. 3000+ students Rated Nipuna technologies as a Top CCNA Course Training Institute in Guntur.

Our CCNA Course in Guntur has been designed by expert trainers for students to get the maximum in-depth knowledge with the support of our highly-skilled training team. This CCNA Certification course in Guntur is totally placement-oriented with more prominence given to real-time exposure. We provide A/C Class Rooms, High Configured Lab & well Experienced Trainers. We also offer students the top CCNA training classes in Guntur with real-time applications by the expert trainers in Guntur. The CCNA program in Guntur at Nipuna technologies is specially designed for both Graduates and working professionals.

Significance of Practical CCNA Training in Guntur

Nipuna Technologies offers a practical-oriented CCNA course in Guntur to meet the industrys needs. Our practical-oriented CCNA Certification Training in Guntur will help students or working professionals to gain hands-on real-time exposure to network fundamentals, CCNA routing, and switching, to develop, implement and manage the security of networks.  

 Whether you are a student or working professional or an Entrepreneur, Nipuna Technologies will enhance you with the CCNA skills and tools required to shape your designing goals.

Nipuna Technologies, the Course curriculum is designed by expert CCNA trainers and the course is delivered by professionals. By the end of the course, the student would have worked on a few real-time projects as part of his/her training program, & they would receive regular assessments of their work from the industry professional trainers. We assist our students in designing complete CCNA structural strategies as their final project, which would serve as their showreel & help them secure a good job in top MNCs.

There are many institutes that offer CCNA courses in Guntur, but Nipuna Technologies has marched ahead of all of them to become the No.1 CADD courses training institute in Guntur, by offering high-quality training coupled with numerous value additions.

Job Opportunities After Completing CCNA Course in Guntur.

There are several job opportunities for those who are certified with proper CCNA online Courses in Guntur, as this course is a computer-aided and most popular software and in great demand in the market. Currently, all the industries are in the search of skills from certified professionals to use the certifications and to help the students have a get hired by Top industries. These industries choose certified CCNA professionals who can immediately work on projects with the necessary soft skills. If you randomly search for careers in any Job Portal, your search list will end with around many options available only in India. In foreign countries, also there are huge openings for certified professionals. Thus, the popularity of these professionals has increased the average salary that these companies offer.

Today the need and the growing demand for technology advancements, Industries would be trying to find the right candidate who has the updated data and knowledge of the latest technology. The new CCNA 200-301 certification will be sufficient to establish the concepts of networking and give you the foundation to scale up to compete with the next level of competition and raise your career in the network domain.

Job Roles for CCNA professionals:

  • Network Administrator.
  • Systems Administrator.
  • Network Analyst.
  • Network style Engineer.
  • Infrastructure Engineer.
  • Unified Communications Engineer.
  • Solutions style Engineer.
  • Cloud Engineer.
  • Cloud designer.

Job Areas for CCNA professionals:

  • IT Companies
  • Industries
  • Pharma Companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Educational Institutions.

 Salary for CCNA professionals:

The average salary of a CCNA certified professional varies from company to company, if you are a fresher who wants to work in this field then you may get a starting salary of 4 to 5 lacs per annum. Once you get an experience you can easily make 7 to 8 lacs per annum. There are many Autodesk professionals who earn a six-figure income.

There are many job openings are there Abroad, as CCNA professionals can earn $1,20,000 per annum.

How does Nipuna Technologies Provide the Best Placement Assistance?

Nipuna Technologies is one of the best CCNA coaching centers in Guntur with 100% placement. We provide practical and technical knowledge in multiple networking techniques and real-time project work, now leading in providing placement support to our students through a specialized recruitment drive. We assist our students in gaining a footing in the CCNA field by preparing their resumes in accordance with the most recent industry requirements. When a Student finishes training with us as certified, we bring value to their skills by conducting self-development workshops that involve an interview session, group discussions, and presenting skills, among other things.

These extraordinary features provide by Nipuna technologies enable our students to exhibit themselves confidently during facing company technical interviews. We believe in perfection, which is why we provide excellent training, students are completely prepared to confront any obstacles in the industry. Getting unique Courses with proper training and competence can lead to success in life, and this is the only recipe we teach our students in order for them to land their dream jobs

Our Training Methodology

Nipuna Technologies is particularly focused on trending network technologies as well as real-time needs. At Nipuna Technologies, we offer our students the best CCNA online Course in Guntur to learn all the essential skills like structural analysis and design of products and we will also help you to strengthen their basics before moving to the advanced concepts.

Our students can also participate in the MOCK interviews so it will be helpful for them during the job interview. After completing the CCNA online Course in Guntur our placement team will also guide them in pursuing the highest-paying job. We also provide a CCNA certificate after completing CCNA online courses in Guntur.

  • Our Training program is Classroom and Online CCNA Online course in Guntur with Real case-studies

  • Job Assistance: 100% Job Assurance Placement Support . We offer our students to Get JOB by sending for interviews with MNCs, Mid & Small Size Companies. we bring value to their skills by conducting self-development workshops.

  • Resume Preparation Support

  • Interview Question and Answers

  • We Conduct 2 Mock Exams

  • Mock interview sessions to boost their confidence

  • Group discussions

  • Dedicated HR Team for Placements

  • We tie-up with corporate companies

  • Get Training from Expert level Trainers

  • LIVE Projects

  • Certification training

  • Reasonable Fee Structure

  • Flexible Timings

  • 100% Placement Support

CCNA Certification Course in Guntur

Through the CCNA Certification Course in Guntur Programme, participants are able to increase their knowledge and demonstrate their understanding of the whole network Associate CCNA process and demonstrate their product designs.

Through a real-time hands-on experience, a certificate is awarded at the end of this CCNA course at Nipuna Technologies. This certificate, along with your resume can help in securing your profile at the time of your interview. It also can open the door to an array of jobs.

This Certification will lead you down an employment path. If you believe the Internet will always take over in the next future, its recommended to obtain the CCNA credential before you start serving the web. There isnt an extensive outline of Cisco certification projects to ease searching for the appropriate most interesting course for aspiring networkers. The information gained through CCNA can be utilized to think about other networking modules efficiently.

Popular CCNA Certifications

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification by CISCO.

CCNA Training Course Objectives (Learning Outcomes):

CCNA professionals are they are the most prestigious holders of the renowned certification issued by Cisco. The examples of CCNA professionals provide an analysis of networks and a correct description of IT services that affect the business. They require the flexibility of setting up the configuration, operating and testing all kinds of networks. This Sample CCNA will even extend their careers in networking. they mostly work as the network manager or network designer, as well as an administrator of networks, and various types of networking roles.

  •  Managing and taking care of the operation and maintenance of equipment brings CISCO satisfaction to the company where it is that the Sample CCNA advisor is functioning.
  • As a leader or as an area district or region, locality, proximity, and as a part of the network team of the company to carry out the roles that are assigned by the group.
  • Monitoring and managing different routers, servers, firewalls AD, SQL, VPN Security appliances as well as other security devices. In order to provide the required desktop support.
  • In charge of all problems of configuration that are associated with protocols and plans. Involving in every kind of trouble taking care of any issues with shooting.
  • Network components - router and hub, switch bridge, etc.
  • Types of Network - LAN, MAN, WAN, VPN, PAN & Content Network
  • Definition of Network requirements - Network(CSMA/CD) Ethernet (CSMA/CD)
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps DUPLEX (Half/Full/Auto) Connecting Media Coax.
  • About 10 Base 2T - UTP/STP-CAT 1/2/3.
  • About Crimping straight through or cross-wise (only specifics, not practical)
  • About Fiber optics Single/Multimedia
  • About 100 Base-TX/FX etc - wireless communication.
  • About Ethernet cable Standard.
  • About Connecting Devices
  • About Repeater - Hub - Switch - Bridge - Topology - Bus/Star/Ring
  • 7 Layers. Communication Between layers (Encapsulation and De-encapsulation) 7 Layers - PDU.
  • Layer 2 - MAC/LLC - 802.3/802.2 (SAP/SNAP) /Ethernet II - Frames
  • Broadcast/Collision domain – point of the -Hub/Switch/Router
  • L4 - 3way handshake windowing - and more Connectionless
  • Size of the pack: 64B (mini) from 1518B (Max)Size of the pack [64B (mini) up to 1518B (Max)
  • Seven Layers: Communication among layers (Encapsulation and De-encapsulation) 7 Layers - PDU.
  • About Layer 2 - MAC/LLC - 802.3/802.2 (SAP/SNAP) /Ethernet II - Frames
  • Broadcast/Collision domain – point of the -Hub/Switch/Router
  • L4 - 3way handshake windowing and about Connectionless
  • Size of the pack: 64B (mini) up to 1518B (Max)Size of the pack [64B (mini) up to 1518B (Max)
  • Each layer of the TCP/IP Compound OS OS
  • Application Layer - TFTP/FTP/SMTP/TELNET/SNMP/DNS
  • Transport Layer - TCP/UDP - TCP Segment Format
  • 3-way handshake/windowing UDP segment Format
  • Internet Layer, Configure, and verify.
  • IP datagram format Format for IP datagrams Protocol No. - TCP 6 - UDP 17
  • ICMP - ARP - RAP
  • Introduction to IP address Class A/B/C/D/E
  • Private IP address - First OCTET range etc.
  • Default Subnet Mask
  • Class C Subnetting & Practice no. provided
  • Class B Subnetting & problems
  • Class A Subnetting & problems
  • Introduction
  • Host Address Assignment
  • Unicast, Multicast, and many other special IPV6 addresses.
  • Configuring ipV6 Routing and Routing Protocols
  • Translations between ipV4 & ipV6
  • Summary
  • When the Router was in use - LAN with WAN connect to connect networks with different IP.
  • Different interfaces for Routers AUI/S0/S1/AUX, BRI / console, and so on.
  • Cables are used for different purposes and interfaces. of interfaces.
  • The WAN cable, WAN interconnector - EIA/TIA 324/449/530 V.35 - X.21.
  • Different CISCO series - modular/fixed - 10mbps/100 etc.
  • Straight-through between DTE and DCE.
  • Different interfaces for Routers AUI/S0/S1/AUX BRI, console and so on.
  • About Running Configuration- DRAM
  • About Startup Configuration NVRAM
  • Flash MEM - IOS
  • IP Routing, Static Routing & Default Routing
  • Static Routing & Default Routing
  • Dynamic Routing and RIP
  • Limitations of the distance vector algorithm
  • The features that are part of EIGRP and its activities
  • Configuring EIGRP - "Auto-redistribution"
  • Check and troubleshoot EIGRP
  • Specifications of OSPF and the way it operates
  • Configuring a single OSPF region
  • Check and troubleshoot OSPF and troubleshoot
  • Purpose/advantage of Access-list
  • IP [-for a host for a network or subnetwork IP is a host for a network or sub-network.
  • Access-list for Std IP wild card calculation
  • Access list to IP addresses for Extd.
  • ACL Switch port
  • Steps involved in creating the access lists
  • Applying the access list on the interface (inbound/outbound)
  • Access-list named for IP
  • Access-list for a Telnet session
  • Leased line
  • Communication between P and P
  • HDLC and PPP protocol features
  • Enabling HDLC & PPP
  • PPP Link
  • PPP layer and its explanation/role
  • PAP/CHAPs function
  • Configuring PAP/CHAP by using commands
  • VPN
  • Define VPN technology
  • Importance Of VPN
  • Benefits & Role
  • Impact & Components
  • Frame-Relay
  • Packet Switched Network
  • Virtual circuit - DLCI - Access-link - CRI - FECN - BECN - LMI
  • Enabling Frame-relay
  • Inverse ARP
  • Frame-relay configuration to allow
  • Mesh Network
  • Star Network
  • Combination of two of the above
  • Switching
  • Switching Operation and Configuration
  • Function add-learning/forward-filters the frame / loop to avoid
  • The redundant path and the problems it creates
  • Spanning Tree Protocol - purpose - its different state (blocking/listening/learning/forwarding)
  • The modes of operation of the bridge/switch
  • Port duplexing
  • Hub and switch - half-duplex
  • Switch and Server - full duplex
  • CISCO catalyst switch, 1912 and 1924 interface information
  • M/K/I modes
  • Advanced and basic commands
  • Configuring and enabling the MAC address table
  • VLAN Configuration
  • VLAN - ISL - Trunking
  • Enabling Trunking
  • Assigning VLAN No. Name and VLAN No.
  • Configuring ports to a particular VLAN
  • VTP function
  • VTP domain
  • VTP mode of operation
  • Switching Technologies (including VTP, RSTP , PVSTP, 802.1q)
  • Installing the basic switch Security (including Port Security, Access to the trunk .etc )
  • Wireless LAN
  • Wireless Intro & Operation
  • Standards related to Wireless Media (including WI-FI Alliance ITU/FCC)
  • Ad-hoc mode and infrastructure mode
  • Basic Parameters to configure the Wireless Network
  • Wireless Security Feature (WEP, WPA 1 / 2 )
  • Implementing Wireless Networks
  • Share the Interview Questions
  • Resume Preparation
  • How to Crack Interview
  • HR Activities & Mock interviews.

Our CCNA Course Trainer Profile

Our CCNA Trainer provides complete knowledge to the students to understand the subject and learn real-time applications. Our trainers help the students in completing their projects during the training and even help them prepare for interviews. Students are free to ask questions and clarify their doubts at any time during the course.

  • More than 8+ years of experience in handling in network fundamentals, CCNA routing and switching, to develop, implement and manage the security of networks.  
  • Our Trainer trained more than 1000+ students in a year.
  • 5 star rated certified professional trainer of Nipuna Technologies.
  • Excellent subject delivery and communication skills.
  • Our trainers use different types of training methods, for e.g., providing assignments, real-time sessions, group discussion sessions, practical work, etc. to ensure an engaging learning experience
  • Good communication with Hiring HRs in multinational companies.
  • Having hands-on real-time experience on CCNA projects that were done for reputed clients.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge and fully up-to-date on real-world industry applications.
  • Our Trainers help the students during the assignments and Live Projects when they find any difficulty in doing them. These Live Projects Will help our students to learn practical implementations of every concept of CCNA.

Our Students Feedback on CCNA Course in Guntur

  • Any graduates, Non-graduates who want to pursue their career in Networking.
  • BE / B. Tech passed students to get into the Networking field.
  • A candidate who would like to restart their career after an educational gap.

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is the best certification for network engineers in the electronic world, provided under the name of the company Cisco Systems. It is valid for all kinds of engineers including entry-level network engineers and network directors, as well as network support engineers, as well as network specialists. It aids in becoming familiar with the wide range of concepts in networking, such as OSI models and information science addressing the security of networks, and more. CCNA is the abbreviation for "Cisco Certified Network Associate".

  • Configuration and installation of Cisco routers and switches in multi-protocol settings, victimization of computer networks, and the WAN interfaces.
  • Troubleshooting Operations at Level 1.
  • Enhance security and performance of the network.
We provide A/C Class Rooms, High Configured Lab with well Experienced Trainers. Our trainers will assist you in Practice sessions at our highly equipped labs.
Undoubtedly. Nipuna Technologies is the best institute of CCNA courses. We also offer job-oriented and placement Focused classrooms and Online classes in Guntur giving more prominence given to real-time exposure by the expert trainers. We provide A/C Class Rooms, High Configured Labs, and well Experienced Trainers. This Training program at Nipuna technologies is specially designed for both Graduates and working professionals.
Approximately 60 Hrs. we schedule a flexible timetable for our students, you can choose any batch.
Yes, you can learn CCNA online Instructor-led also. As we provide all the courses both Classroom & online sessions.
After completion of this training, we assist you with resume preparation, interview preparation, and placement opportunities.
Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance & will help you get a job as soon as you complete the course.
You will never miss any session. You can select any one of two options:
1. View the class recordings of this Course that we send through mail daily.
2. You can attend the missed session of this training in any other live batch.

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