Computer Hardware Training In Guntur

Nipuna Technologies provides real time and placement oriented Computer Hardware training in Guntur. Our trainers are expert and experienced on real time projects. We are designed Hardware in Guntur course content and syllabus based on opinions of various students and questions from computer users.

Computer Hardware Training In Guntur – Nipuna Technology

We are doing AMC’s on various organizations. We are offering internship to the students. Our Hardware training in Guntur includes basic to advanced level.

 In this Computer Hardware Training in Guntur, can learn how to rectify some problems arises in Computer CPU. Hardware training is the combination of physical components or parts that builds the computer system.

These days, there is a much craze for computer hardware course in Guntur. So, to help the students in building their career in the right and easy way, our Nipuna Technologies is providing best Hardware Training in Guntur along with other job oriented courses. Nipuna offers Hardware training in Guntur with low cost and expert training and you can earn money in coaching period only.

Check out the detailed course of Hardware and Networking Training course below. Nipuna Technologies is not only for hardware it is the Best Computer institute in Guntur for all courses.

Our Course Curriculum

·         Hardware
·         Software
·         People
·         Data
·         External Hardware
·         Internal Hardware
·         Input devices
·         CPU
·         Memory
·         control unit
·         Storage unit
·         Arithmetic logic unit
·         Output devices
·         CRT
·         LCD
·         Impact printers
·         Non-impact printers
·         Primary memory
·         Cache memory
·         Secondary memory
·         RAM
·         ROM
·         Hard disk
·         USB
·         Fax
·         Floppy disks
·         CD/DVD
·         1st generation
·         2nd generation
·         3rd generation
·         4th generation
·         5th generation
·         Super computers
·         Mainframe computers
·         Mini computers
·         Micro computers
·         Functions of CPU
·         Types of CPU sockets
·         How to free upCPU usage
·         Manufacturers of CPU
·         Types of mother boards
·         Parts of mother boards
·         Manufacturers of mother board
·         Bios (basic input and output system)
·         Functions of bios
·         Bois settings and menus
·         Bios error messages
·         Desktop system assembly
·         PCI cards for desktop
·         Software of computer system types
·         Windows 07
·         Windows 08
·         OS Windows 10
·         Advantages of networking
·         Disadvantages of networking
·         LAN
·         WAN
·         MAN
·         PAN
Inter network
Network interface components
Network topology
Networking protocol
The TCP/IP model
Network cabling
Application of protocol
Basic of laptop
List of windows 10 keyboard shortcuts
Run commands

Nipuna has played a key role in starting my journey as SEO Analyst at a reputed marketing agency in Banglore.


– Satish Kumar P (Digital Marketing Alumni)

Thanks to the trainers of nipuna technologies for giving real time scenarios in advanced java course, it helped a lot.


– Ramana G (Java & J2ee Alumni)

Without any doubt I can say this is the right institute in our guntur for Oracle training, the trainers are highly experienced.


– Harika K 

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