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Dot NET Course in Guntur

Nipuna Technologies is one of the best Dot NET Course in Guntur. This course is designed to meet all levels of student and working professionals’ requirements. It is a free, cross-platform, and open-source development platform for building many types of applications. It is designed by Microsoft, this platform use multiple programming languages, libraries and editors to build web, mobile, desktop applications, and many more.

Get the best .NET Training Institute in Guntur Our trainers are very experienced IT professionals and share their practical knowledge with the students with real-time Scenarios. Our highly skilled trainers will make sure you will learn and understand all aspects of the courses content and they provide one-to-one care by listening and clarifying the doubts to each student.

About the .NET Training in Guntur

.NET is a free, cross-platform, and open-source development platform for building many types of applications and it is also a software framework that is designed and developed by Microsoft. This platform uses multiple programming languages, libraries, and editors to build web, mobile, desktop applications, and many more.

The basic version of the Dot NET framework was 1.0 which was introduced in the year 2002. In easy words, It is a virtual machine for compiling and executing programs written in different programming languages the most common ones like C#, F#, Virtual studio, etc. It is used to develop mobile-based applications, Web-based applications, Web services, and desktop applications.

.NET Training Includes

  • .NET Framework Explanation
  • Console Application by using C#
  • Introduction to Windows Application with C#
  • About Standard Controls, Properties & Events
  • SQL Server Database Concepts
  • Constraint in SQL SERVER
  • About Data Definition Language
  • About SQL Server 
  • Example on Windows Application
  • About SQL: Structure Query Language  
  • ADO.NET Architecture
  • About  ASP.NET Technology
  • About HTML Markup Language
  • About Scripting Language.
  • Web Application with  C#.NET + ASP.NET

Why Learn Dot NET Course Online in Guntur at Nipuna Technologies

Our .NET training program has been designed by expert trainers for students to get the maximum in-depth knowledge with the support of our highly-skilled training team. This course is totally placement-oriented with more prominence given to real-time exposure. Nipuna Technologies is the best .NET online course Institute in Guntur offers job-oriented and placement Focused classrooms and Online DOT NET course in Guntur. We provide A/C Class Rooms, High Configured Lab & well Experienced Trainers. We also offer students the best .NET online training classes with real-time applications by the expert trainers in Guntur. The Training program at Nipuna technologies is specially designed for both Graduates and working professionals.

Dot NET is a free, cross-platform, and open-source development platform for building many types of applications. It is designed by Microsoft, this platform use multiple programming languages, libraries and editors to build web, mobile, desktop applications, and many more. Our Dot NET online training provides basic to advanced concepts and it is designed for beginners and professionals.

Significance of Practical .NET Training in Guntur

Our Dot NET online course training program has been designed in such a holistic manner that it makes the students take the practical training with real-time scenarios through professional trainers.

This Dot NET online course is totally job-oriented Dot NET Coaching Center in Guntur with more prominence given to practical sessions. By the end of this course, the student would have worked on a few real-time projects as part of his/her training program, and they would receive regular assessments of their works from the industry professionals. We assist the students in designing and developing an applications as their final project, which would serve as their show reel & help them secure a good job in top MNC’s.

There are many institutes that offer Dot NET Course in Guntur but Nipuna Technologies has marched ahead of all of them to become the No.1 software training course institute in Guntur, by offering the best quality training coupled with numerous value additions.

Job Opportunities After Completing Dot NET Course in Guntur

Learning Dot NET initially seems to be difficult but once you choose a proper training platform and do master in it, there are enough jobs available. There are several vacancies are available in the top IT companies for Dot NET developers as this is the most popular framework and in great demand in the market. Currently, all the IT companies are in search of skilled Dot NET professionals. These companies choose candidate who can immediately work on projects using Dot NET and has the necessary soft skills. If you randomly search for the job opportunities for Dot NET developers in any Job Portal, your search list will end with around 10k options available only in India. In foreign countries, also there are huge openings for Dot NET developer. Thus, the popularity of the Dot NET developer has increased the average salary that these IT companies offer.

Job Roles for Dot NET Developers

  • ASP.NET Core Developer
  • Sr. Software Engineer
  • Senior Dot NET Developer
  • Dot NET Developer (Full Stack, Microservices) Support
  • Professional Full-stack Dot NET developer
  • Junior Dot NET developer
  • Associate Software Developer (.NET)
  • Microsoft Dot NET developer 

Job Areas for Dot NET Developers

  • IT Companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Audio-Visual Media Agencies
  • Publishing Houses
  • Marketing Firms
  • Institutions
  • Design Studio

Recruiters for Dot NET Developer

  • Infosys
  • Accenture
  • Zensar
  • OSS Technosoft
  • MLSDev
  • Artech
  • Cognizan
  • Exadel
  • Amazon
  • Fugenx, and many more

Salary for Dot NET Developers

the average salary of any Dot NET certified professional depends on factors like years of experience, job location, and skills, if you are a fresher want to work in this field then you may get a starting salary of 3 to 5 lacs per annum. Once you get an experience you can easily make 7 to 8 lacs per annum. There are many professional Dot NET core developers who earn a six-figure income.

There are many job openings are there Abroad, as a developers you can earn  around $95,703  per annum.

How Nipuna Technologies Provides Best Placement Assistance?

Nipuna Technologies is the best Dot NET coaching center in Guntur with 100% placement. It provides practical and technical knowledge in multiple development techniques and real-time project work, now leading in providing placement support to our students through a specialized recruitment drive. Dot NET online training in Guntur assist our students in gaining a footing in the development field by designing their resumes in accordance with the most recent industry requirements. When a Student finishes training with us, we bring value to their skills by conducting self-development workshops that involve an interview session, group discussions, and presenting skills, among other things.

These extraordinary features provide by Nipuna technologies enable our students to exhibit themselves confidently during facing company technical interviews. We believe in perfection, which is why we provide excellent training, students are completely prepared to confront any obstacles in the industry. Getting a unique Courses with correct Dot net online training and competence can lead to success in life, and this is the only recipe we teach our students in order for them to land their dream jobs.

Our Training Methodology

Nipuna Technologies is particularly focused on trending technologies as well as real-time needs. At Nipuna Technologies, we offer our students the best Dot NET online training in Guntur, to learn all the essential skills and we will also help you to strengthen their basics before moving to the advanced concepts.

Our students can also participate in the MOCK interviews so it will be helpful for them during the job interview. After completing online training, our placement team will also guide them in pursuing the highest-paying job. We also provide a certificate after completing the Dot NET course in Guntur.

Get Training from Expert level Trainers

At Nipuna Technologies, you will learn Dot NET online course from industry experts who are having expert-level strong knowledge of theoretical and practical skills in developing the applications.

LIVE Projects

Learn Dot NET courses with real-time projects at Nipuna Technologies. Our trainer helps the students on live projects during the Dot NET online training and provides students valuable experience in developing web applications during the classes. Display your project experience and increase your chances of employment and increase all over the impression during technical Interviews.

Certification training

Nipuna Technologies gets you certified with the Dot NET online course. Our Dot NET certification training in Guntur is one of best Dot NET online training certification in Guntur. By obtaining these certifications, increase the value of your resume & you will rise up for job hunting.

Reasonable Fee Structure

The course fee at Nipuna Technologies is Economical.


Nipuna Technologies provides classroom & Online training course in Guntur. We also offer absolute flexibility through online training courses. Select your course timings in the mornings or evenings that best fit you.

Placement Support

Upon completion of Dot net online training with Nipuna Technologies, we enable your skills by conducting self-development workshops that involve a Mock interview session, group discussions, and presenting skills to exhibit themselves confidently during facing company technical interviews.

.NET Online Training and Certification Course at Nipuna Technologies

.NET certification training at Nipuna Technologies will help our students to transform from freshers to professionals. Also, we train them with the basic concepts to increase their skills on advanced concepts. We also provide a Dot NET certification after completing the Dot NET online course in Guntur.

In this .NET online training, you will be working on LIVE projects and case studies. With this training Course, they will be learning web services and the different programming languages, web development products, etc. We also offer our students to improve their soft skills, which is necessary when working with top reputed IT companies.

Popular certifications for Dot NET

  • I-Net+ Certification by CompTIA

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: .NET Framework 3.5,

  • Windows Workflow And Applications (MCTS)

  • IT Information Library Foundations Certification (ITIL)

  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

  • Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP)

Course Eligibility

This Microsoft .NET training in Guntur is for anyone who wants to develop their own projects from scratch, gain proficiency in Visual Studio and development. Learn Dot NET frameworks in the best manner from expert trainers.

Developers who want to transfer their career to Dot NET technology.

Students developing their skills in Dot NET technology.

Career after .NET Training in Guntur

After the completion of .NET training in Guntur, there are several job openings to pursue highly paid jobs in the IT industry and also get lots of opportunities to work as a freelancer to build web applications. Apart from that, companies recruit multi-talented development professionals who can continue with the market trends and perform more than one role. It is not difficult for an individual to get employment once he has completed all course requirements. You will learn about the real value of these courses in your job searches.

Dot NET Online & offline Training Objectives

  • Exploring the MVC Design structure.

  • Explore the architecture of ASP.NET MVC

  • Developing the application following controllers, views, and model format.

  • Create the custom model binders.

  • Prepare a database-centric application and Implement security using forms authentications.

  • Divide the application into multiple modules using areas

Why Nipuna Technologies as a leading .NET Training in Guntur?

Nipuna Technologies offers .NET training in Guntur to our students hands-on expertise to design and develop web applications/solutions using Dot NET under the guidance of industry expert trainers. With this Course you will get proficient in basic fundamentals to advanced patterns, and also make them work with us with on two Hands-on exposure of real-time projects to strengthen your skills and clear the certification exam.

  • Nipuna has the best experienced and multi-skilled Trainers.

  • We provide a 100% job guarantee for .NET courses.

  • More than 2000+ students already completed this course and some of them secured a job.

  • We have an excellent lab facility, online classes & all our classrooms are Air-Conditioned to make students comfortable while learning.

  • For each student, a desktop is allocated to practice throughout the course.

  • Nipuna Technologies has tied up with some of the companies & consultancies to provide placement assistance for our students.

.NET Training Institutes in Guntur?

Nipuna Technologies is India’s leading software courses training institute with certified expert trainers. We provide hands-on training with practical examples to ensure our students are up-to-date with the best practices in the industry. Our Dot NET course will help students learn the web development techniques to develop an application. With our Angular JS classes, students will know how to develop web applications,  Angular forms, web development products, etc.

The Benefits of learning Dot NET Courses are

Today Across the globe, web-based technologies are high in demand and running on a larger scale. Every student wants to pursue a career in the IT industry. Dot NET is an open-source structural web framework owned by the Microsoft. Dot NET framework platform uses multiple programming languages, libraries  and editors  to build web, mobile, desktop applications, and  many more.

.NET Framework supports more than 60 programming languages in which 11 programming languages are developed by Microsoft. The remaining languages supported by .NET Framework are not designed and developed by Microsoft. 

  • You can learn the course within 2-3 months.

  • You Can Work From Anywhere.

  • You Can Work at a Multi-national Tech Company.

  • Information about Applications
  • Introduction about .NET framework
  • Version of .NET framework
  • Framework Architecture
  • Components of Framework
  • Explanation about CLR & BCL
  • Advantage of .NET Technology
  • Code Execution Environment
  • Explanation about MSIL /CIL/IL
  • Explanation about ILDASM.exe Tool
  • Components of CLR &Responsibilities of CLR
  • Explanation about Manifest Concepts
Type of Application
  • Console Application
  • Windows Application
  • Web Application
About C#.NET Programming Language
  • Introduction to C and .NET Programming Language
  • Structure of C#NET Programming Language
  • Predefine Classes of C#NET Programming Language
  • Methods & Properties of Classes
  • About Console, Console Color & Data Time Classes
  • Write Line, Read Line, Course Top, and Course Left
  • Example on Classes, Methods & Properties
  • Value Type & Reference Type
  • Working on Data Types
  • About String & String Builder (Mutable & Immutable Concept)
  • About Type Casting Concept
  • About Implicit & Explicit Type Casting
  • About Parse Method, Convert Classes & Its Method
  • Example on Parse & Convert Class
  • Decision Control Instructions (if & else if)
  • Looping Control Instructions (While, For, For each)
  • Case Control Instruction (Switch)
  • Example on Control Instructions
  • About Arrays Introduction
  • Single Dimension Array
  • Multi Dimension Array
  • Jagged Array
  • Properties of Arrays Like Length, Rank, Sort, Reverse….
  • Example on Arrays & its Properties
OOPS Concepts of C#.NET Programming Language
  • About Classes and Object Creation
  • Call by Values and References
  • Constructors, Destructors and Static Constructors
  • Inheritance Concepts: Single and Multilevel Inheritance
  • Sealed Class, Partial Class, Abstract Classes
  • Interfaces, Polymorphism
Advance Concepts in C#.NET   
  • Enumeration, Structures and Properties
  • Collection and Generics
  • Index Based, Key Value Pair, Prioritized Collections
  • Delegates and Events
  • Exception Concepts, File Stream
  • Debug & Released Mode
  • Multi Threading Concepts   
Type of Application
  • Console Application
  • Windows Application
  • Web Application
  • About Windows Application
  • About Tool Box, Solution Explorer & Property Window
About Standard Controls, Properties & Events
  • Text Box, Button Control, Label, Picture Box Control, Image List
  • Timer Control, Tab Control, Panel & Group Box, List Box
  • About Combo Box Control, Menu Strip, Context Menu strip
  • Dialog Boxes: Color Dialog, Font Dialog, Open File & Save File
  • Check Box, Radio Button, Checked List Box 
  • Process Bar, Data Time Picker
  • Rich Text Box, Masked Text Box & Notify Icon
Example on Windows Application
  • Preparation of Slide Show Demo
  • How to Call Other Components
  • Preparation of Calculator Program
  • Preparation of Note Pad Application
  • Preparation of Login Page
  • Example on ONLINE EXAM Application
Validation of C#.NET Control
  • About Validations.
  • Char Function, Key Press Event.
  • Key Press Event Arcs Class & Its Properties.
  • Mouse Move Event &Leave Events.
MDI & Deployment of Windows Application
  • About MDI – Multi Dimension Interface
  • Appling MDI Concept in Windows Applications
  • Navigating One Form to Other Form.
  • Preparing Setup File Process (Deployment Process)
About Assemblies Concept
  • About COM Architecture
  • About Versioning Problem or .DLL Hell Problem
  • About Private Assembly & About Shared Assembly
  • About Strong Name & GAC (Global Assembly Cache)
  • Implementation of Assemblies
  • How to Consume the Assemblies in Console & Windows Apps?
About SQL Server
  • Difference between Oracle & SQL Server
  • About Storage Technique (File System & Data Base System)
  • How to Create Data Base in Server & Data File, Log File
About SQL: Structure Query Language 
  • Sub Languages of SQL
  • DDL: Data Definition Language: Create, Alter & Drop
  • Commands
  • DML: Data Manipulation Language: Insert, Update & Delete
  • DRL: Data Retrieval Language: Select Commands     
About Data Definition Language
  • Data Type in SQL
  • Creation of Tables, Drop Tables & Alter Table
  • Insert the Information into Table, Update & Delete
  • Get the Information from Data Base Server
Constraint in SQL SERVER
  • Unique, Not Null, Primary Key Foreign Key
  • Implement Table by Using Constraint 
  • Types of Data Bases: Local Data Base, Remote Data Base
  • Way to Interact to Local Data Base 
  • Way to Interact to Remote Data Base
  • About Microsoft Components: DAO, RDO, ADO & ADO.NET
  • Difference Between Ado & Ado.NET
  • About Drivers & Provides Like: JET, ODBC & OLEDB
  • About Ado.net Name spaces & Prepare UDL File
  • About Classes of Ado.net, Properties & Events
  • About SQL connection, SQL Command, SQL Data Reader, Data Set
  • Difference Between Connected &Disconnected Architecture
  • Example on Connected Scenario Architecture
  • SQL Connection, SQL Command & SQL Data reader
  • Example on Disconnected Scenario Architecture
  • SQL Connection, SQL Data Adaptor & Dataset
  • About Store Procedure & Examples  
  • 3-Tire Architecture Demos by Using Query String
  • 3-Tire Architecture Demos by Using Store Procedure
  • Crystal Report Process for Data Base Tables
About Web Application
  • Difference between Web Applications &Windows Application
  • Web Applications &Web Page & Type of Web Pages
  • Interaction Web Pages & Non Interactive Web Pages
  • About Browsers & Its Types
  • About Protocols like High Level & Low level Protocol
  • HTTP, TCP, SOAP, HTTP Request & HTTP Response  
About HTML Mark Up Language
  • About HTML Concepts & Its Examples  
  • About Structure of HTML & Heading Tags
  • About Marquees, Image Tag, Anchor Tag, Marquee Tag, Font Tag
  • About Table Creation, About HTML Controls & Examples
About SCRIPTING Language
  • Types of Script Language Like JavaScript, VB Script.
  • Way to write JS Language by Using Note Pad
  • Example on Variable & Control Instructions
  • Example of Interactive Web Page
  • About Asp.net Technology
  • Difference Between ASP & ASP.NET
  • ASP.NET Architecture Engine
  • Page Life Cycle Process System & Trace Process
IIS: Internet Information Service
  • About IIS Server & Its Part Like Kernel Level Mode &
  • User Level Mode
  • Spring Modules
  • About Application Pool, Worker Processor, ISAPI DLL File
  • About WEB Garden
  • About Response, Request, Session & Application
  • About Methods & Properties of Response Class
  • About Method & Properties of Request Class
  • Examples on Response & Request Class
ASP.NET MVC Controls
  • About Controls: Client Side Control & Server Side Control
  • About Server Side Controls: HTML & Web Server Control
  • About Web Server Control Like Standard & Rich Controls 
  • File Upload Control, Ad Rotator, Calendar Controrls
ASP.NET MVC Validation Controls
  • Require Field Validation Control &Custom Validation Control
  • Compare Validation Control & Range Validation Control
  • Regular Expression Validation & Validation Summary Control
Navigation Controls in Asp.net Technology
  • Menu & Tree View Control + Web User Control
Configuration Files in Asp.net Technology
  • Web. Config Files & Machine. Config Files
  • Way to Usage of Configuration Files
Theme & Skin File Concepts +Master Page Design
  • Creation of Them & Skin Files
  • Difference Between Them & Cascade Style Sheet
  • Way to Usage of Them & Skin File in Web Server Controls
Data Binding Concepts in ASP.NET Technology
  • Usage of Grid View Control, Data List
  • Customization of Grid View Controls
  • Automatic Update, Delete & Paging Process
  • By Using RAD Method Process
State Management Concepts in ASP.NET Technology
  • Query String, Cookies, Sessions & Applications
  • About ASAX File & Its Events Like Session_ Start, Session_End.
  • Caching Concept, Page Caching & Data Caching

Your Dot NET Course Online Trainer Profile

Our Trainers provide complete knowledge to the students to understand the subject and learn real-time applications. Our trainers help the students in completing their projects during the training and even help them prepare for interviews. Students are free to ask questions and clarify their doubts at any time during the course.

our trainers are best-certified and bagged complete knowledge on Dot NET such as a Basics of Dot NET Framework Explanation, Concepts of SQL Server Database, and Web Application by using  C#.NET + ASP.NET delivers the best technology to our students.

  • More than 10+ years of experience.
  • Our Trainer Trained more than 3000+ students in a year.
  • 5 star rated certified professional trainer of Nipuna Technologies.
  • Excellent subject delivery and communication skills.
  • Our trainers have excellent work experience in Advanced concepts of .NET Framework Explanation, Concepts of SQL Server Database, and Web Application by using Visual Studio, C#.NET + ASP.NET.
  • Our trainers provide the students with industry insights and the best technical practices of the application to ensure that you have complete knowledge of the current market needs
  • Our trainers use different types of training methods, for e.g., providing assignments, real-time sessions, group discussion sessions, practical work, etc. to ensure an engaging learning experience
  • Good communication with Hiring HRs in multinational companies.
  • Having hands-on real-time experience on Dot NET projects that were done for reputed clients.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge and fully up-to-date on real-world industry applications.
  • Our Trainers help the students during the assignments and Live Projects when they find any difficulty in doing them. These Live Projects Will help our students to learn practical implementations of every concept of Dot NET.

Our Students Feedback on Dot Net Course in Guntur

Approximately 90 days. we schedule a flexible time-table for our students, you can choose any batch.
The fees Structure of the course is economical. However, please contact us to obtain the discounted course fees.
.NET is a free, cross-platform, & open-source development platform for building many types of applications and it is also a software framework that is designed and developed by Microsoft. This platform uses multiple programming languages, libraries and editors to build web, mobile, desktop applications, and many more.
Dot NET is an easy and enjoyable course from start to finish, You need write .NET apps in C#, F#, or Visual studio to learn in .NET platform professionally it will take you two to three months. If you don't know any of these languages, you need to learn those languages first. Learn C# programming language for web development.
Yes, You can learn .NET online also. As we provide all the courses both Classroom & online sessions.
After completion of this training, we assist you with the resume preparation, interview preparation, and placement opportunities.
Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance & will help you get a job as soon as you complete the course.
You will never miss any session. You can select any one of the two options:
1. View the class recordings of AngularJS Course that we send through mail daily.
2. You can attend the missed session of the AngularJS training in any other live batch.

Yes, you will work on a live project under the guidance of our trainer. Once you complete your project you will receive an Internship Certificate.

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