Graphic Designing Institute In Guntur

Do you love creativity? If you are one of them who wants to communicate  your ideas to the audience with your Creative visual work may be an image or video also words, then you should go for Graphic Designing Course.

”You all know the fact that visual elements can communicate better than words, and more chances of remembering your content, chances of coming back to you happy.”

Graphic Designing Course in Guntur – Graphic Design Training Institute

Graphic Designing course can help you sharpen your creativity with Technical visual elements. Graphic Designing course is the best career option for you. At the end of your Graphic designing course you can design web page, Theme design, Infographics,posters,Banners,Brochurs,flyers,Powerpoint presentations,Logos,social media ads and the list goes on.

The whole world is going Digital, there is great need for Graphic designers in all most all companies. So, if you are reading this article, then you are in the right path to your success in Graphic designing.

Nipuna Technologies is the Graphic Design Institute in Guntur who trains you in theory and conceptual understanding needed to be a professional graphic designer.Nipuna has trained many students in the past years. At Nipuna our main focus is to deliver best learning solutions through experienced faculty at most affordable fee. Nipuna’s students got placed in reputed companies.

Our Course Curriculum

·         Adobe Photoshop
·         Illustrator
·         Adobe Indesign
·         CorelDraw
·         Web Designer
·         Multimedia Designer
·         Layout Artist
·         Logo Designer
·         Flash Designer
·         Creative/Art Director
·         Photo Editing/Photoshop Artist
·         Brand Identity Designer
·         Architecture & Engineering Drafter
·         Video & Film Editor
·         Graphic Designer
·         Product Designer
·         Animation/Animator
·         Graphic designers create:
·         Books, magazines, catalogs, newspapers
·         Illustrations & clip-art
·         Presentations
·         Visual identity such as letterhead, business cards, brand guides, logos
·         Marketing materials: flyers, brochures, postcards, one-sheets, posters
·         Shirt & Apparel designs
·         Product packaging and labels
·         Reports
Adobe Photoshop is a raster based software. Generally, now a days Photoshop is using for business advertisements because with this software we can make flexes, pamphlets, visiting cards. It discusses about color adjustments, transformation, unreal compositions, background arts, logos etc….

Adobe Photoshop Topics

·         History of Adobe Photoshop
·         Uses with Adobe Photoshop
·         User interface
·         User interface
·         File tab
·         Edit tab
·         Image tab
·         Layer tab
·         Select tab
·         View tab
·         Window tab
·         Tools of adobe Photoshop
CorelDraw is very popular graphic designing software. It will discuss about drawings and designs. It is a vector based software. With this software we can draw anything what you imagine and we can design webpages, pamphlets, flexes etc…
·         Basics of Corel draw
·         Drawing
·         Layout tab
·         Type tab
·         Element tab
·         View tab
·         Window tab
·         Tools
Adobe illustrator is graphic driven software used primarily for creating vector graphics developed alongside with adobe Photoshop as a companion product. The Adobe illustrator is used for creating logos, graphics, cartoons and fonts for the photo-realistic layouts of adobe Photoshop.
·         Introduction to adobe illustrator
·         Vector graphics
·         Meta data
·         Selection tools
·          Selection tool
·          Direct selection tool
·          Group selection tool
·         Magic wand.
·         Drawing with path primitives
·         Drawing in illustrator
·         Type and type tools
·         Drawing with the pen tool
·         Appearance and fill
·         Grouping objects
·         Applying attributes to a group
·         Layers
·         Art boards
·         Transforming and positioning art
·         Working with images
·         Working efficiently with symbols
·         Printing, saving and exporting
·         Working with masks
·         Choosing illustrator for web and interactive design
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