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Nipuna Technologies is the best SQL/PLSQL Training Institute in Guntur. SQL is a Structured Query language that mainly deals with a relational database. Our SQL Course in Guntur has started SQL classes with basic concepts & our SQL training is designed to meet all the levels of students & working professionals’ requirements. We provide various job opportunities from the placement team for the students. SQL is the most important skill & more popular among data scientists and engineers than Python or R. The fact that SQL is a programming language is incredibly important and it is useful everywhere.

Learn the best SQL/PLSQL course in Guntur. Our trainers are very experienced professionals and share their practical knowledge with the students with real-time Scenarios. Our highly skilled trainers will make sure you will learn & understand all aspects of SQL/PLSQL course content & they provide one-to-one care by listening and clarifying the doubts of each student.

What is Oracle SQL/PLSQL?

SQL/PLSQL is a structured query language used to deal with databases. It is widely used to analyze the data which is in a structured format. SQL is the most universal and commonly used database language, has its own syntax and it is a command-line interpreter. That is, it executes one command at a time. After the SQL Course in Guntur, you will get knowledge on Data Mining, Data Manipulation, Data collections. Most of the servers use to store their data on databases like MySQL, hence managing servers if someone knows SQL is beneficial.

Creating data using SQL to perform CRUD operations on data. SQL stores data in tabular formats such as rows and columns. A database management system is one that has a collection of programs by which a user can manipulate, access the data. There are different types of Data management are available such as Relational database management systems, Object-relational database management systems. The Relational database management system is one of the most popular data management where data is stored in the form of tables, it has predefined data types. The relational database management system includes MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server databases. SQL programming language is used to perform an operation on data such as insert, update, delete and search the data. All the databases (MySQL, Oracle, Sybase uses SQL) SQL syntax is the same for all the databases with only a few syntax changes.


DDL (Data definition language)

  • DDL Basically deals with the structure of data.
  • The commands of DDL are used to create, alter, modify database objects.

DML (Data Manipulation Language)

  • DML is basically used to modify the data from the table.
  • The commands of DML commands are used to insert, update, and delete commands.

DCL (Data control language)

  • DCL commands are used to give access privileges to the user.
  • The commands of DCL are used to grant and revoke.

TCL(Transaction Control Language)

  • TCL is mainly used to manage the transaction with the database & control the modification of data.
  • The commands of TCL are commit, rollback, and save point.

DQL (Data Query language)

  • DQL is used to get back the data from the database based on query performance.
  • The command of DQL is to select with various clauses.

SQL/PLSQL Course objectives

  • In-depth knowledge of SQL Architecture, Server/Client Relations, and Data Types
  • Demonstrable understanding of the triggers and the creation of triggers concepts
  • Get to know how to use the Records for sorting, searching, indexing, and grouping
  • Able to Display the data from Multiple tables
  • Demonstrable knowledge of the Database Administrator, SQL Server Tools, Services, and Types
  • Excellent performance of the Restoration and Backup of the Databases
  • Get to know how to use the Stored Procedures, Views, and Modifying data using the T -SQL

Why Choose Nipuna Technologies for SQL/PLSQL Training in Guntur?

Nipuna Technologies SQL, PL/SQL program has been designed by expert trainers for students to get the maximum in-depth knowledge with the support of our highly-skilled training team. Our ,PL/SQL Course in Guntur Training is totally placement-oriented with more prominence given to real-time exposure. Nipuna Technologies provides the best SQL Training in Guntur and offers job-oriented, placement focused classrooms & Online SQL classes in Guntur. We also provide A/C Class Rooms, High Configured Lab & well Experienced Trainers. We also offer students the best SQL Training with real-time applications by the expert trainers in Guntur. The SQL Training program at Nipuna technologies is specially designed for both Graduates and working professionals.

Significance of Practical SQL Course Training in Guntur

Our SQL, PL/SQL course program has been designed in such a comprehensive manner that it makes the students take the practical training with real-time scenarios through professional trainers. Our Oracle SQL Programming Training course is totally job-oriented & online Training classes of Oracle SQL Programming course in Guntur with more prominence given to practical sessions. By the end of the SQL Programming course, the student will work on a few real-time projects as part of his/her training program, & they receive regular assessments of their works from the industry professionals. We assist the students to develop applications in the language of SQL as their final project. So save your reputation and programming skills which you have grasped in our training.

There are many institutes that offer SQL Training in Guntur, but Nipuna Technologies has marched ahead of all of them to become the No.1 software courses training institute in Guntur, offers the best quality training coupled with numerous value additions.

Job Opportunities After Completing SQL Course in Guntur

SQL is one of the popular programming languages for working on large sets of Databases. By learning the SQL course at Nipuna Technologies leads you to a well-paid career path in the top MNCs as the explosion of the Data is never going to diminish. According to the reports published by Gartner Inc, globally the Business Intelligence and the Analytics Market is anticipated to rise to US $ 22.8 billion by next two years.

Job Roles for SQL developers

  • SQL Database Developers
  • SQL Database Testers
  • SQL Database Administrators
  • ETL Developer
  • Big Data Expert
  • BI Administrator
  • Data Analysts
  • Database Migration Engineer
  • BI Solution Architect
  • BI Application Developer
  • Cloud Database Expert
  • Data Scientists

Job Areas for SQL developers

  • Finance and Banking Sector
  • Insurance Sector
  • Data Analysis
  • Social Media
  • IT services

Recruiters for SQL developers

  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Walmart Labs
  • Infosys
  • TCS

Salary for SQL developers

The salary offered for an entry-level Database Developer in India is 3,60,000 to 4,20,000 INR per annum. SQL Developers with mid-year experience can earn around 4,70,000 to 6,20,000 per annum.

Globally, a SQL Developer is paid around $ 92,000 yearly. The packages may differ according to the skill sets and company you step in.

How Nipuna Technologies Provides Best Placement Assistance?

Nipuna Technologies is the best SQL Coaching center in Guntur with 100% placement. We provide practical & technical knowledge on real-time exposure with live project work, we are now leading in providing placement support to our students through a specialized recruitment unit. We assist our students in gaining a footing in the database SQL field by designing their resumes in accordance with the most recent industry requirements. Getting a unique SQL course with the correct training institute and competence can lead to success in life, and this is the only recipe we teach our students in order for them to land their dream jobs as developers.

Nowadays demand for SQL developers is increasing in the software development field as this field is growing rapidly and the technology is getting updated at a very fast pace. Companies also upgrade their technology and implementation methods to capture the speed and stay in the race to serve the customers. Because of the lack of skilled and trained employees, it is very hard to get the employee who can understand it and handle it very easily.

Getting a unique SQL course with the correct training institute and competence can lead to success in life, and this is the only recipe we teach our students in order for them to land their dream jobs as developers.

Our Training Methodology

Nipuna Technologies provides SQL Training from the Beginners level to the Experts level. When a Student completes training with us, we enhance their skills by conducting self-development workshops that involve an interview session, group discussions, and presenting skills, among other things. These extraordinary features provide by Nipuna technologies enable our students to exhibit themselves confidently during facing company technical interviews. We believe in perfection, which is why we provide excellent training, students are completely prepared to confront any obstacles in the industry.

Get Training from Expert level Trainers

At Nipuna Technologies, you will learn SQL courses from industry professionals who are having expert-level strong knowledge of theoretical & practical skills on SQL language

LIVE Projects

To learn SQL course with real-time projects at Nipuna Technologies. Our trainer helps the students on live projects during the training & provides students valuable experience in developing applications during the online SQL classes. Display your project experience & increase your chances of employment and increase all over the impression during technical Interviews.

Certification training

Nipuna Technologies gets you certified with the SQL course. Our SQL certification training in Guntur is one of the best SQL certification training in Guntur. With the certifications in SQL course at Nipuna Technologies, you can demonstrate your qualifications to potential employers and show that you are serious about building a career in this field as a SQL developer. By obtaining these certifications, increase the value of your resume & you will rise up for job hunting.

Reasonable Fee Structure

The course fee for SQL Language course at Nipuna Technologies is moderate to support students coming from all sections of the society.


Nipuna Technologies provides classroom & Online Oracle SQL/PLSQL classes in Guntur. We also offer absolute flexibility through online training courses. Select your course timings in the mornings or evenings that best fits you.

Placement Support

Upon completion of training with Nipuna Technologies, we enable your skills by conducting self-development workshops that involve a Mock interview session, group discussions, and presenting skills to exhibit themselves confidently during facing company technical interviews.

SQL Exams & Certification course in Guntur

The SQL Certification Course in Guntur at Nipuna Technologies provides the necessary skills that are required to become our students as professional SQL Developers under the guidance of our Real-time professional Trainers. SQL Course Certification is one of the professional certificates which demonstrate that the student has gained in-depth knowledge of the SQL Database and its application. At the end of the SQL course, our students complete a real-time Database project. This certification certifies that our students have acquired the necessary skills to work as SQL Developer. Attaching this SQL certificate along with your resume at the time of the interview aids in prioritizing your profile and also enables you to get access to high-paid career opportunities

Popular certifications for SQL developers

  • IBM Certified Database Administrator DB2
  • Oracle Database Certified 12C Administrator
  • Oracle Certified Professional
  • MySQL Database Administrator
  • Microsoft SQL Server database certifications

Why choose Nipuna Technologies as a leading SQL Course in Guntur?

Nipuna Technologies is particularly focused on trending SQL Programming Language technical skills as well as to get real-time exposure in IT programming field. With the help of our advanced training methodology, our trainers prepare the students to apply their set of SQL skills as soon as they enter the workplace. You can learn the features and capabilities of SQL in our sophisticated SQL Training in Guntur, additionally, Nipuna Technologies covers the elements of ANSI SQL using both SQL Server and Oracle as an example database.

On completion of SQL training, students and working professionals will have an excellent understanding of the SELECT statement together with grouping, sorting data, joining multiple data, and aggregate functions.

Career after SQL Language course training

SQL skills are constantly in demand, not only in the IT sector but also in other sectors. Because of its utility, it can be used by developers, administrators, data analysts, marketers, and others. Your goal might be in learning SQL and you want to become as a SQL developer. You can achieve it much more easily with our SQL Training in Guntur, choose the right path with our SQL training, we ensure that you will gain in depth knowledge in the SQL Course

SQL Training Course Objective

  • A better understanding of database concepts and database management systems with relational database tools.
  • A good understanding of RDBMS components and their internal functions is required in project development.
  • understanding the applications of data requirements and models into the software by using the ER diagrams and design database structural schemas based on that model.
  • working on SQL commands such as creating a table, alter table, modify the table, delete records from the table Select the data based on various conditions by applying group by, having, and other advanced queries such as subqueries joins, set operators, etc.
  • In TCL, a transaction control management candidate can understand and work on various TCL commands.
  • Understanding the program of a data-intensive query application using RDBMS functionality

SQL Training in Guntur

Nipuna Technologies is particularly focused on trending SQL Programming Language technical skills as well as getting real-time exposure in the IT programming field. The main focused features of SQL language include different types of Data management are available such as Relational database management systems, Object-relational database management systems. The Relational database management system is one of the most popular data management where data is stored in the form of tables, it has predefined data types. The relational database management system includes MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

  • DML Commands
  • DDL commands
  • Integrity Constraints
  • Built-in Functions
  • Data Aggregation
  • Importance of Join Operation
  • SET operators
  • Subqueries
  • Database Transactions (DCL)
  • Database Security
  • Cursors
  • Exception Handling
  • Subprograms
  • Stored procedures
  • Functions
  • Packages
  • Triggers
  • Definition of Database
  • Definition of DBMS
  • Features of RDBMS
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Datatypes in Oracle
  • Schemas and Schema Objects
  • About Table Creation
  • Inserting Data
  • Data Retrieval
  • SELECT statement
  • Column alias, Table alias
  • Clauses in SQL
  • Data filtering using WHERE clause
  • Data Sorting using ORDER BY clause
  • Copying Data from one table to another
  • INSERT command
  • UPDATE command
  • DELETE command
  • Creating Table from another Table
  • ALTER command
  • DROP command
  • TRUNCATE command
  • RENAME command
  • Difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE
  • Types of Integrity Constraints
  • Declaring Constraints Column level
  • Table level
  • Alter Level Adding Constraints to an
  • Existing table
  • Enabling & Disabling Constraints
  • Getting information about Constraints
  • Single Row functions
  • String functions
  • Date functions
  • Mathematical functions
  • Conversion functions
  • Special functions
  • Analytical functions
  • Multi Row functions
  • Data Aggregation
  • Group by clause
  • Having clause
  • Types of Joins
  • Equi Join
  • Non-Equi Join
  • Self Join
  • Outer Join
  • Left Outer
  • Right Outer
  • Full Outer
  • Cross join
  • SET



  • Importance of Subqueries
  • Types of Subqueries
  • Single row subqueries
  • Multi row subqueries Nested queries
  • Multi column subqueries




  • Introduction to PL/SQL
  • Advantages of PL/SQL
  • PL/SQL architecture
  • Datatypes in PL/SQL
  • PL/SQL program structure
  • Simple PL/SQL programs
  • Embedding SOL statements in PL/SQL
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops
  • About cursors in PL/SQL
  • Explicit cursors
  • For loop cursor
  • Cursor parameters
  • For update clause
  • Where current of clause
  • Implicit cursors



  • Creating procedures
  • Working with IN, OUT, SNOUT parameters
  • Procedures with cursors
  • Procedures returning records


  • Introduction to packages
  • Package specification and package body
  • Overloading package members
  • Introduction to triggers
  • DML triggers
  • DDL triggers
  • DB auditing using triggers
  • DB level triggers

Your Oracle SQL/PLSQL Trainer Profile

The Expert trainers of our SQL course are designed to make you an updated and more comfortable SQL user. The main motto of our trainers is to give our students real-time examples with more live practice. This training method helps our students spend a lot of time working with advanced SQL queries. Our curriculum is carefully chosen by our trainers to meet the current industry requirements and our assignments are cautiously selected to highlight the essential aspects of every lesson.

  • More than 10+ years of experience in SQL/PLSQL language Training.
  • Our trainers are Certified Professional developers .
  • Trained more than 2000+ students on developing applications.
  • 5-star rating from all our SQL course students.
  • The excellent features of our trainer are enthusiastic, initiative, creative, and problem-solving.
  • Excellent hands-on experience in Production, Development, and UAT.
  • Have years of hands-on experience in working with SQL programming & proficient in all the technologies.
  • Excellent training in delivery skills with an ability to present information well & trending industry needs.
  • Demonstrable experience of being student-focused and completing projects on hit deadlines to reach targets & Providing technical Assistance for all the students.
  • Demonstrable experience in delivering the best training & increasing the levels of proficiency in using Programming language SQL.

Our Students Feedback on Oracle SQL/PLSQL Course in Guntur

  • Freshers
  • BE/ B.Sc. Candidate
  • Any Engineers
  • Any Graduate
  • Any Post-Graduate
  • Working Professionals
  • Anyone can join this SQL training who desire to begin their career in the Database Platform.
The fee Structure of the Oracle course is economical. However, please contact us to obtain the discounted course fees.
At Nipuna Technologies is the best SQL Coaching center in Guntur with 100% placement. We provide practical & technical knowledge on real-time exposure with live project work.
SQL/PLSQL is a structured query language used to deal with databases. It is widely used to analyze the data which is in a structured format. SQL is the most universal and commonly used database language, has its own syntax and it is a command-line interpreter. That is, it executes one command at a time.
Your instructor has 10+ years of experience as a Certified Database Administrator.
Approximately 60 Hrs. we schedule a flexible timetable for our students, you can choose any batch.
Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance & will help you get a job as soon as you complete the course.
You will never miss any session. You can select any one of the two options:
1. View the class recordings of Oracle Course that we send through mail daily.
2. You can attend the missed session of the AngularJS training in any other live batch.
After completion of this training, we provide certificates and assist you with the résumé preparation, interview preparation, and placement opportunities.

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