To take full advantage of Building Information Modeling, the Autodesk® Revit® MEP Essentials training guide has been designed to teach the concepts and principles of creating 3D parametric models of MEP system from engineering design through construction documentation. 



Autodesk Revit MEP is a single software application that aids a BIM (Building Information Modeling) workflow from theory to construction. It was created by Autodesk for professionals who engage in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Engineering. Autodesk Revit is a parametric building modeler which is able to leverage dynamic information in intelligent models — allowing complex building systems to be a precisely designed and verified in less amount of time. It allows users to draw a building, structure and its constituents in 3D, note the model with 2D drafting elements, and access building information from the building model’s database.

Powerful, resilient and resourceful, Autodesk Revit MEP has helped architects completely revamp the way buildings are designed, constructed and even demolished. It can handle everything from preliminary 2D layouts and project conception to final 3D renderings and ultimately destruction. With the recent resurgence in the construction industry, people who opt for Autodesk Revit MEP training are in huge demand all over the world. Autodesk Revit MEP training is necessary for every aspiring architect. Learning Autodesk Revit, however, is not very simple. Fortunately, with Canter CADD Autodesk Revit MEP training, anyone can learn Autodesk Revit with just a few weeks of hard work.

Understanding the scope of Autodesk Revit.
● Understanding BIM model is an important part of learning Autodesk Revit.
● Autodesk Revit MEP has very specific applications in the industry. So, practice for the model that works in the real world is important.
● Learning the basics of architectural theory – the how’s and why’s of building design is also important.


MEP Interface
Using the Included Working Files
Working with Views
Basic Creation Tools
Opening a Revit Project
Viewing 2D and 3D Model
Basic Editing Tool
Using filter
The align tool
Copy and Paste
Arrays ……
Starting a MEP Project
Linking an Architect Revit file
Copy – Monitor Level and Grid
Initial Plan View
Linking CAD File

All Views
Component Family
Out of The Box Family
Basic Family Creation
Space and Zone
Mechanical Setting –Duct
Adding and Modifying Fittings
Automatic Ductwork Layout
Hydronic Piping System
Mechanical Setting – Pipes
Adding Pipes
Modifying Pipes
Adding and Modifying Fitting
Pipe Layouts

Plumbing Systems
Adding Plumbing Fixture
Modifying Plumbing Fixture
Electrical Systems
Electrical Settings
Adding Detail Lines
Detailing in 3D
Editing Details
Setting Up Sheet
Exporting Image

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