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Revit Training in Guntur, Revit Certification, Revit Architecture Course in Guntur | Nipuna Technologies

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Revit Training & Architecture Course in Guntur

Nipuna Technologies offers Revit Training in Guntur. This course is designed to train our students in basic to advanced concepts of Revit Architecture. It is specifically designed to be used with BIM (Building Information Modelling), Revit Architecture is software that aids in capturing and analyzing design ideas. Beyond that, Revit Architecture accurately maintains the design information in a coordinated manner using documentation and construction.

With Revit Learn end-to-end 3D modeling techniques used in BIM (Building Information Modeling) to convey and record designs.

The goal of this Revit Architecture course in Guntur is to help our students become productive by helping them to create drawings and to redefine images of buildings. It will also aid you in understanding user interface architectural design like floors, walls, roofs, floor windows, and steps. In this course, you will learn the basics to advanced concepts of Revit.

What is Revit Architecture?

Revit Architecture, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software application developed by Autodesk. The software was specifically designed for structural engineers, architect’s contractors, engineers, and structural engineers.

It is mostly utilized to create optimized and precise designs from concept to visualization. It aids in capturing and analyzing design ideas and then maintaining a coordinated design database by capturing and documenting construction. It lets designers design structures and their components in 3D and then mark the model using two-dimensional drafting elements, followed by accessing information about the structure from the database of the building modeling. Revit software comprises tools that are useful in different phases of the building construction's lifecycle i.e. from design to construction, and then destruction.

Why learn Revit Architecture Course?

Revit Architecture provides tools & software for architects, MEP engineers, structural engineers, and builders to work with architectural design. Revit Architecture is designed specifically to support Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create, construct and maintain superior quality and energy-efficient building designs. Its comprehensive features make it the perfect solution for the entire building project team.

Through learning Revit and becoming an expert in design and construction will be able to develop ideas from concept to construction using a synchronized and consistent model-based approach.

Why Choose Nipuna Technologies for Revit Architecture Course in Guntur?

Nipuna Technologies Ranked as one of the Best Revit Course Training Institute in Guntur. We Provide 100% Placement Assistance for all our students. Become a structural engineer expert in 3 months, enroll now for the most Autodesk Revit Architecture Advanced Program. With the Revit training, our students are Job ready in 90 days. We offer Classroom Training, Online Training programs, Weekend Training, and Corporate Training with 8+ Years of our Expert Trainers. Learn this course from your comfort and flexible timings and get a job placement. We provide 100% job assistance after successful training at our institute and internship. 1000+ students Rated Nipuna technologies as a Top Autodesk Revit Course Training Institute in Guntur.

Our Autodesk Revit Architecture Course in Guntur has been designed by expert trainers for students to get the maximum in-depth knowledge on Structural Engineering and construction project management with the support of our highly-skilled training team. This course in Guntur is totally placement-oriented with more prominence given to real-time exposure. We provide A/C Class Rooms, High Configured Lab & well Experienced Trainers. We also offer students the top Revit training classes in Guntur with real-time applications by the expert trainers in Guntur. The Revit program in Guntur at Nipuna technologies is specially designed for both Graduates and working professionals.

Significance of Practical Revit Training in Guntur

Nipuna Technologies offers a practical-oriented Revit Architecture Course in Guntur to meet the industry's needs. Our practical-oriented Autodesk Revit Architecture Course in Guntur will help students or working professionals to gain real-time exposure in the understanding user interface architectural design like floors, walls, roofs, floor windows, and steps. In this course, you will learn the basics to advanced concepts of Revit.

Whether you are a student or working professional or an Entrepreneur, Nipuna Technologies will enhance you with the Revit skills and tools required to shape your designing goals.

Nipuna Technologies, the Course curriculum is designed by expert Revit trainers and the course is delivered by professionals. By the end of the course, the student would have worked on a few real-time projects as part of his/her training program, & they would receive regular assessments of their works from the industry professional trainers. We assist our students in designing with complete Revit architectural strategies as their final project, which would serve as their showreel & help them secure a good job in top MNCs.

There are many institutes that offer Revit Architecture Courses in Guntur, but Nipuna Technologies has marched ahead of all of them to become the No.1 CADD courses training institute in Guntur, by offering high-quality training coupled with numerous value additions.

Job Opportunities After Completing Revit Architecture Course in Guntur.

There are several job opportunities for those who are Autodesk certified with proper Revit Architecture Course in Guntur as this course is a computer-aided and most popular software and in great demand in the market. Currently, all the industries are in the search of skills from Autodesk certified professionals to use the certifications and to help the students have a get hired by Top industries. These industries choose structural engineering and construction and Autodesk Revit certified professionals who can immediately work on projects with the necessary soft skills. If you randomly search for the careers in any Job Portal, your search list will end with around many options available only in India. In foreign countries, also there are huge openings for Autodesk certified professionals. Thus, the popularity of these professionals has increased the average salary that these companies offer.

Job Roles for Revit Architecture professionals:

  • Junior Civil Engineer
  • Building Information Modeler
  • Revit Architecture Designer
  • Structural Engineer Design Revit
  • Senior Revit Architect
  • Revit Modeler
  • Structural Revit Designer
  • Revit Integration developer
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Coordinator
  • HVAC Design Engineer
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Manager

Recruiters for Revit Architecture professionals:

  • Athalye Management Consultants Pvt. L
  • Kiara Designs
  • TreisTek Technologies
  • Intec Americas, Inc.
  • Barry Wehmiller International Resources
  • Quality Engineering Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Black Veatch Consulting
  • Aster Technologies Private Limited

Salary for Revit professionals:

The average salary of an Autodesk certified professional varies from company to company, if you are a fresher want to work in this field then you may get a starting salary of 2 to3 lacs per annum. Once you get an experience you can easily make 7 to 8 lacs per annum. There are many Autodesk professionals who earn a six-figure income.

There are many job openings are there Abroad, as Autodesk professionals can earn $63,000 per annum.

How Nipuna Technologies Provides Best Placement Assistance?

Nipuna Technologies is one of the best Revit coaching centers in Guntur with 100% placement. We provide practical and technical knowledge in multiple designing techniques and real-time project work, now leading in providing placement support to our students through a specialized recruitment drive. We assist our students in gaining a footing in the designing field by preparing their resumes in accordance with the most recent industry requirements. When a Student finishes training with us as Autodesk certified, we bring value to their skills by conducting self-development workshops that involve an interview session, group discussions, and presenting skills, among other things.

These extraordinary features provide by Nipuna technologies enable our students to exhibit themselves confidently during facing company technical interviews. We believe in perfection, which is why we provide excellent training, students are completely prepared to confront any obstacles in the industry. Getting unique Courses with proper training and competence can lead to success in life, and this is the only recipe we teach our students in order for them to land their dream jobs.

Our Training Methodology

Nipuna Technologies is particularly focused on trending technologies as well as real-time needs. At Nipuna Technologies, we offer our students the best Revit online training in Guntur, to learn all the essential skills and we will also help you to strengthen their basics before moving to the advanced concepts.

Our students can also participate in the MOCK interviews so it will be helpful for them during the job interview. After completing Revit online training in Guntur, our placement team will also guide them in pursuing the highest-paying job. We also provide a Revit certificate after completing Revit Architecture Courses in Guntur.

  • Our Training program is Classroom and Online Revit Architecture Course in Guntur with Real case-studies

  • Job Assistance: 100% Job Assurance Placement Support. We offer our students to Get JOB by sending for interviews in MNCs, Mid & Small Size Companies. we bring value to their skills by conducting self-development workshops.

  • Resume Preparation Support

  • Interview Question and Answers

  • We Conduct 2 Mock Exams

  • Mock interview sessions to boost their confidence

  • Group discussions

  • Dedicated HR Team for Placements

  • We tie-up with corporate companies

  • Get Training from Expert level Trainers

  • LIVE Projects

  • Certification training

  • Reasonable Fee Structure

  • Flexible Timings

  • 100% Placement Support

Autodesk Revit Certification Course in Guntur

Revit Architecture Certification course in Guntur is one of the professional certifications that prove that the students have mastered the full knowledge about how to use the Revit architecture software and its application. Our certification proves that the students have acquired the required skills needed to work in the role of Revit Professionals under the direction of our Real-time certified trainers with over 8+ years of expertise working in training in this field. They enhance your abilities with new technological advancements in the marketplace.

The Autodesk Certified Professional badge confirms the aspirants' understanding of the features, tools, and routine tasks of Revit. Candidates for this title have proven their proficiency in Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create, construct and maintain superior quality and energy-efficient building designs and much more with Revit.

Through a real-time experience, a certificate is awarded at the end of this Revit Architecture Course. This certificate, along with your resume can help in securing your profile at the time of your interview. It also can open the door to an array of jobs.

Alongside other than the Nipuna Technologies Revit Architecture Course Certificate of Completion, our trainers help and assist students in gaining additional certifications through advanced classes and passing the Autodesk Revit Certification.

Popular Revit Certifications

Revit Certification by Autodesk

Revit Architecture Course Objectives (Learning Outcomes):

  • Students will develop better-quality, more precise architectural plans with this course, utilize tools designed specifically to aid in Building Information Modeling workflows and architectural designs.

  • Students will be taught to record and learn more about these course concepts, and then maintain their ideas through documentation, design, and construction.

  • Students will learn how to perform energy analysis software for building elements and use the API for pipe and duct calculations Perform static analysis on the cloud, manage the structural analysis model, automatically update your model based on results from the analysis, Modeling and improve the BIM workflows for building efficiency in this course.

  • Students will be taught to look in the Revit model to identify collisions between components; work with multiple users, and save their work in one central file. Students will share to build models across the real world and streamline the management of data modeling and work remotely using an on-site server.

  • Students will be able to dock dialogs within the same window. They will also be able to than that, they can easily create, edit and create an architectural design; put air terminals on duct faces; limit angles of pipe, duct, and cable tray. close the ends of duct or pipe content with ease, rebar positioning limits customization and control over the placement of rebars, and gain more options for rebar when modeling and to build with Revit an architectural design software for the real world.

  • The student will learn how to crop areas that aren't rectangular in shape quicker; configure elevation cut-line settings; instantly display dimension values as well as annotate multiple elements in the same tag. You can also define the geometry and location of braces and beams; gain more control over schedule formatting as well as gain construction information from design models. Calculate/track specific quantities of materials and display the totals in either load or current values, and generate specifics from the views of a 3D model.

  • Building Information Modelling
  • Revit Architecture
  • History
  • Features
  • Revit File Types
  • Exploring User Interface
  • Building Elements
  • Start a New Project
  •  To Start a Project
  • Drawing Aids
  • Project Units
    • Adding Levels
    • Modifying Levels
    • Creating New Level Element Type
    • Constrain Level lines
    • Remove Constrains
    • Remove Level lines
Drawing a plan as per Dimension
  • Walls
  • Location Line
  • Creating Walls
  • Tips for Creating Wall
  • Compound Structure
  • Wall joins
  • Wall Layer Wrappings
  • Vertically Compound Walls
  • Layer Assignment Guide Lines
  • Sweeps and Reveals
  • Wall Shapes and Openings
  • Stacked Wall
  • Guidelines for Vertically Stacked Walls
  • Construction Modelling Tool
  • Parts
  • Assemblies
  • Working with Grids
  • Practice: Hands-On
  • Move
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Create Similarly
  • Rotate
  • Mirror
  • Array
  • Scale
  • Split Element
  • Trim
  • Align
  • Offset
  • Pin
  • Unpin
  • Delete
  • Door
  • Window
  • Match Type
  • Tape Measure
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Visual Styles
  • Practice: Hands-On
  • Dimensions
  • Temporary Dimensions
  • Permanent Dimension
  • Creating Custom Dimension Type
  • Modify Dimensions
    • Adding Floor
    • Editing Floor Sketch
    • Sloped Floor
    • Floor Slab Edges
    • Creating Ceiling
    • Practice: Hands-On
    • Roof by Footprint
    • Roof by Extrusion
    • Shape editing for Floors and Roofs
    • Join/Unjoin Roof
    • Roof Soffit
    • Roof Fascia
    • Roof Gutter
    • Opening on Face and Vertical opening
    • Shaft Opening
    • Wall Opening
    • Dormer Opening
    • Practice: Hands-On
    • Placing Component
    • Rehosting
    • Work plane-based and Face based Placement
    • Working with Modern Medium Library
Managing Views
    • Floor plan views
    • Ceiling plan view
    • View properties
    • View Range
    • Plan Region
    • Elevation view
    • Cut a view by Far Clip Plane
    • Section View
    • Creating Section head
    • 3D views
    • Cropping a View
    • Visibility or Graphics Display
    • Specifying Element Category Visibility
    • Overriding Graphics Display of Element Category
    • Overriding Visibility and Graphics Display of Individual Elements
    • View Templates
    • Filter
    • Practice: Hands-On
Curtain wall
    • Creating Curtain Wall
    • Curtain Grids
    • Mullions
    • Reshaping Curtain Wall Panels
    • Merging Curtain Grids
    • Adding Curtain Door Panel
    • Embedded Walls
  • Creating Stairs
  • Creating Stair by sketching Runs
  • Creating Stair by sketching Boundary and Riser
  • Spiral Staircase
  • Stair Calculator
  • Specifying Railing Types for New Stairs
  • Modifying Stair
    • Adding Railing
    • Modifying Rail Structure
    • Modifying Rail Joins
    • Practice: Hands-On
    • Terminology
    • Create Mass Family using Forms
    • Extrusion
    • Loft
    • Revolve
    • Sweep
    • Swept Blend
    • Modifying Forms
    • Dimensioning Forms
    • Surface Forms
    • Rationalizing Surface
    • Surface Representations
    • Surface Sub-regions
    • Paint Tool
    • Placing Mass Instance from Mass Family
Creating Building Elements from Mass Instance
    • Mass Floors
    • Creating Wall
    • Creating Floors
    • Creating Curtain System
    • Creating Roof
    • Updating Face-based Host Shapes
Conceptual Energy Analysis
  • Display Styles for analysis add-in applications
  • Controlling Visibility of Mass Instances
  • Practice: Hands-On
  • Text
  • Model Text
  • Tag
  • Callout Views
    • Creating Detail View
    • Drafting View
    • Inserting Detail Component
    • Practice: Hands-On
    • Schedule/ Quantities
    • Material Take-Off
    • Annotation Schedule or Note Block
    • Practice: Prepare Door and window schedule for Residential Building.
    • Rooms
    • Schedule keys
    • Area
    • Color Schemes
    • Legend Views
    • Keynotes
Structural Modeling
    • Structural Column
    • Beams
    • Beam System
    • Brace
    • Trusses
    • Opening in Structural Elements
    • Structural Walls
    • Foundations
    • Structural Floor
    • Title Blocks
    • Adding Sheet
    • Adding Views on Sheet
    • Sheet list
    • Printing
Print Setup
    • Print Preview
    • Practice: Add sheet along with title block
    • Prepare Approval Plan
    • Adding Lighting Fixtures
    • Light Groups
    • Sun settings
    • Materials
    • Rendering
    • Walkthroughs
    • Exporting Walkthrough
    • Solar Studies
    • Create Solar Study
    • Export Solar Study
    • Practice: Create realistic images for exterior and interior view
    • Export walkthrough in .avi format
Site Design
    • Topo surfaces
    • Subregion
    • Split Surface
    • Merge Surface
    • Building Pad
    • Graded Region
    • Parking Components
    • Site Components
    • Contour line Labels
Working with a Team
  • Work sharing Workflow
  • Work sets
  • Work sharing Display Modes
Working with Linked Models
    • Link Revit Models
    • Managing links
    • Shared Positioning
    • sing Point cloud files
    • Design Options
    • Project Phasing
    • Creating Phases
    • Phase Filter
    • Export to CAD format
    • Exporting to DWG or DXF
    • Exporting to DWF format
    • Room and Area Reports
    • Exporting to IFC
    • Export to 3d’s max
    • Decals
    • Transferring Project Standards
    • Interference Check
Customizing Project Settings
    • Fill patterns
    • Line Weight
    • Line Patterns
    • Line Styles
    • Purge Unused
    • Import/Link
    • Group
Family Creation
    • Introduction
    • Creating 2D door Family
    • Creating the Door z`Panel Solid geometry
Creating Furniture Family
  • Staircase Customization
  • Stair Nosing
  • Custom Handrail
  • Custom Balusters
  • Family enhancements

Our Revit Architecture Course Trainer Profile

Our Revit Trainer provides complete knowledge to the students to understand the subject and learn real-time applications. Our trainers help the students in completing their projects during the training and even help them prepare for interviews. Students are free to ask questions and clarify their doubts at any time during the course.

our trainers are the best Autodesk certified and bagged complete knowledge on Revit such as to learn more about Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create, construct and maintain superior quality and energy-efficient building designs.

  • More than 8+ years of experience.
  • Our Trainer trained more than 1000+ students in a year.
  • 5 stars rated Autodesk certified professional trainer of Nipuna Technologies.
  • Excellent subject delivery and communication skills.
  • Our trainers have excellent work experience in Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create, construct and maintain superior quality and energy-efficient building designs.
  • Our trainers provide the students with industry insights and the best technical practices of the application to ensure that you have complete knowledge of the current market needs
  • Our trainers use different types of training methods, for e.g., providing assignments, real-time sessions, group discussion sessions, practical work, etc. to ensure an engaging learning experience
  • Good communication with Hiring HRs in multinational companies.
  • Having hands-on real-time experience on Revit projects that were done for reputed clients.
  •   Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge and fully up-to-date on real-world industry applications.
  • Our Trainers help the students during the assignments and Live Projects when they find any difficulty in doing them. These Live Projects Will help our students to learn practical implementations of every concept of Revit.

Our Students Feedback on Revit Training Course in Guntur

The course has been created and designed specifically for architects, MEP engineers, structural engineers, and builders to work with architectural design.

  •  Any graduates, Non-graduates who want to pursue their career of building world-class BIM.
  • BE / B. Tech in Civil passed students to get into the Civil engineering field.
  • Anyone can join this course who wants to advance his or her career in civil engineering
  • A candidate who would like to restart their career after an educational gap.
Revit Architecture, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software application developed by Autodesk. The software was specifically designed for structural engineers, architect’s contractors, engineers, and structural engineers.
Yes, you can learn Revit online Instructor-led also. As we provide all the courses both Classroom & online sessions.
The certification for this course is Autodesk certifications While pursuing a career in Revit having certifications can help you stand out from the applicant pool when applying for jobs.
At the end of the course, we provide a certificate. Being certified by Nipuna Technologies, the students and working candidates will be directly eligible to grab lucrative job opportunities in the industrial design sector. With expert guidance from our training team, the students will gain practical knowledge to reach new heights.
We provide A/C Class Rooms, High Configured Lab with well Experienced Trainers. Our trainers will assist you in Practice sessions at our highly equipped labs.
Undoubtedly. Nipuna Technologies is the best institute of Revit courses. We also offer job-oriented and placement Focused classrooms and Online classes in Guntur gives more prominence given to real-time exposure by the expert trainers. We provide A/C Class Rooms, High Configured Labs, and well Experienced Trainers. This Training program at Nipuna technologies is specially designed for both Graduates and working professionals
Approximately 60 Hrs. we schedule a flexible timetable for our students, you can choose any batch.
After completion of this training, we assist you with resume preparation, interview preparation, and placement opportunities.
You will never miss any session. You can select any one of two options:
1. View the class recordings that we send through mail daily.
2. You can attend the missed session of Revit courses in any other live batch.
Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance & will help you get a job as soon as you complete the course.

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