This course will explore the techniques and methods for the design and creation of 3D models in SketchUp. You will presented with a series of informative assignments that in turn illustrate the tools needed to create a final project geared towards your design profession.

SketchUp Training in Guntur

We at Nipuna Technologies, the Best SketchUp Training Institute in Guntur, offer the best training and placement assistance in SketchUp course. The course is designed for students to learn basic overview, core concepts, theories and applications; apart from the most important practical exercises. Nipuna Technologies is one of the very few institutes of software training in Guntur that provides live projects for SketchUp  with assistance from expert training faculty. Students will be given live projects for practising their skills in our dedicated labs.

Formerly known as Google SketchUp, SketchUp is a computer program used in 3D modelling of architectural components like interior design and landscaping. It is also used in video game designing to create photorealistic models and images. SketchUp is now owned by Trimble Inc.,.

The course is designed to teach fundamentals and basics first, so that the student gets a hold onto the concepts before going deep into the subject. The study material provided will help the students to revise at home, for better understanding. Along with theory classes, students will also be trained through practice in our dedicated labs. Our faculty are always happy to guide and assist if you find difficulty in learning or understanding. The objective is to improve the skills and practical ability while doing projects.


  • Course Introduction – review of syllabus
  • Templates
  • Toolbars
  • 2D Drawing Tools: line, rectangle, circle, polygon, freehand,

Assignment #1

  • 2D floorplan / drawing of a space
  • groups
  • components
  • layers
  • outliner
  • Drawing tools: push/pull, follow-me,
  • Orbiting tools: zoom, pan, orbit, zoom previous, field of view, look around
  • Modification tools: offset, move, copy, measurement
  • solid tools

Assignment #2

  • Massing Model (Due Session 3)
  • creating roof pitches
  • inferences
  • axes lock
  • move/copy
  • tape measure

Assignment #3

  • Massing Model (Due Session 4)
  • textures
  • images
  • from illustrator
  • photomatch

Assignment #4

  • 3D Model with textures
  • from google earth
  • from autocad / .dwg
  • from pdf
  • from building maker
  • terrain / contours

Assignment #5

  • 3D Model with context of choice
  • scenes
  • styles
  • animations
  • exporting still images
  • section cuts
  • layered image exports to photoshop

Final Project Status

  • review and storyboard final project
  • creating materials
  • edit in model
  • edit in photoshop / image software
  • creating advanced components
  • saving components
  • component library
  • Final Project
  • Begin development of final project/presentation (Due Session 10)
  • 40% of grade
  • paperspace for SketchUp
  • presentation template

 Topic: Plug-ins & Extra Features

  • 1001 bit tools
  • 1001 shadows
  • drop at intersection
  • from contours
  • podium
  • shape bender

•     continue to develop massing model, components, & textures

  • from google earth
  • from autocad / .dwg
  • from pdf
  • from building maker
  • terrain / contours
  • completed model
  • begin creating scenes and views for final presentation
  • show final storyboard to instructor

Topic: Final Presentations

  • 5-10 minute presentation
  • feedback

The 100% placement assistance provided by Nipuna is an additional advantage for students. We have the highest number of students who are placed in many major MNCs and corporations after our training, a record which is the best among the software training institutes in Guntur.

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