NX Unigraphics
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NX, formerly known as NX Unigraphics or usually just U-G, is an advanced high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software package originally developed Unigraphics. Unigraphics NX is leading CAD/CAM/CAE system based on the best technologies for creating products pf any complexity.


NX was formerly known as “Unigraphics. NX is an advanced high-end CAD/CAM/CAE, which has been owned since 2007 by Siemens PLM Software. It is used, among other tasks, for:

● Design (parametric and direct solid/surface modeling)
● Engineering analysis (static; dynamic; electromagnetic; thermal, using the finite element method; and fluid, using the finite volume method).
● Manufacturing finished design by using included machining modules.

NX is a direct competitor to CATIA, Creo, Autodesk Inventor, and SolidWorks.


  • Introduction to NX
  • System Requirements
  • Getting Started with NX
  • Important Terms and Definitions
  • Understanding the
  • Functions of the Mouse
  • Buttons Toolbars
  • Hot Keys Color Scheme
  • Dialog Boxes in NX
  • Selecting Objects
  • Deselecting Objects
  • Selecting Objects Using the Quick Pick Dialog Box Self-
  • Evaluation Test
  • The Sketcher Environment
  • Starting NX
  • Starting a New Document in NX
  • Invoking Different NX Environments
  • Creating Three Fixed Datum Planes (XC-YC, YC-ZC, XC-ZC)
  • Displaying the WCS (Work Coordinate System)
  • Invoking the Sketcher Environment

Sketching Tools

  • Drawing Sketches Using the Profile Tool
  • Using Help Lines to Locate Points
  • Drawing Individual Lines
  • Drawing Arcs Drawing Circles
  • Drawing Rectangles
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