NX Unigraphics
Course in Guntur

NX, formerly known as NX Unigraphics or usually just U-G, is an advanced high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software package originally developed Unigraphics. Unigraphics NX is leading CAD/CAM/CAE system based on the best technologies for creating products pf any complexity.

Unigraphics Training in Guntur

If you are looking for a professional and high quality institute that provides exceptional Unigraphics training in Guntur, Nipuna is the right and best choice. The faculty of Nipuna comprises of highly skilled trainers with tons of experience who will guide you in a easy-to-learn atmosphere. You will also have access to the best practice labs dedicated to Unigraphics course. We offer intensive coaching and training in Unigraphics covering basic concepts, applications and practicals with real time projects.

NX, formerly known as ‘Unigraphics’, is a high-end advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software owned by Siemens PLM Software. It is used for designing parametric and solid/surface modelling. It also performs engineering analysis (static, dynamic, electromagnetic, thermal) using the finite element and finite volume methods. It can also manufacture finished designs by installing machining modules.

Our course training approach is concept and practical oriented catering to students from all kinds of educational backgrounds. All the topics and modules in Dot Net training are set in feasible timeframes for the student to understand, learn and practice easily. Also, the dedicated labs will give them ample scope and insight into further use of concepts and their applications in various technologies and industries. The course content is designed to make the student develop skills by practicing more than reading theory.

Unigraphics Course Content

  • Introduction to NX
  • System Requirements
  • Getting Started with NX
  • Important Terms and Definitions
  • Understanding the
  • Functions of the Mouse
  • Buttons Toolbars
  • Hot Keys Color Scheme
  • Dialog Boxes in NX
  • Selecting Objects
  • Deselecting Objects
  • Selecting Objects Using the Quick Pick Dialog Box Self-
  • Evaluation Test
  • The Sketcher Environment
  • Starting NX
  • Starting a New Document in NX
  • Invoking Different NX Environments
  • Creating Three Fixed Datum Planes (XC-YC, YC-ZC, XC-ZC)
  • Displaying the WCS (Work Coordinate System)
  • Invoking the Sketcher Environment

Sketching Tools

  • Drawing Sketches Using the Profile Tool
  • Using Help Lines to Locate Points
  • Drawing Individual Lines
  • Drawing Arcs Drawing Circles
  • Drawing Rectangles

Nipuna Technologies also provide 100% placement assistance given to them after they completed their training at Nipuna. Our highly experienced trainers will give you personalized assistance and guidance helping you to become job-ready.

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